17 Fun and original wallpapers to personalize your phone

Your phone’s wallpaper says a lot about you: the aesthetics you like, the colors you like, the topics you’re passionate about.

Table of Contents

That’s why we show you a selection of 17 images of excellent quality and different themes so that you have where to choose your next wallpaper.


1. The Beauty of a Rose

rose wallpaper

2. City Lights

City Lights wallpaper

3. For Geniuses Who Love Math

Math Wallpapers

4. Drama Queen

Drama Queen Wallpaper

5. So you never miss nature

nature wallpaper

6. A sunset on the beach

Sunset on the Beach Wallpaper

7. Seeing Through Vincent van Gogh’s Eyes

Vincent van Gogh wallpaper

8. A Secret Lake


9. Never Forget Your Inner Child

Disney Wallpaper

10. The Constellations

Constellations wallpaper

11. Tropical Plant Leaves

Leaves of tropical plants, drawing wallpaper

12. Pure Simplicity: Colored Lines

Colored Lines background

13. A Sunflower in the Prairie

A sunflower in the meadow wallpaper

14. Colors in the Sky

Cloud in the sky wallpaper

15. The Universe Inside Me

The Universe Inside Me wallpaper

16. Colorful Fruits

Colorful Fruits wallpaper

17. “Life is short. Live it!”

beach wallpaper




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