If Your Wi-Fi Router does Not Work as it should, It is probably Poorly Located in your House

If you suffer the psychological torture of slow broadband in your home, your Wi-Fi router may be in the wrong location, experts says. And, the Internet connection and browsing speed can be more or less fast depending on the location of the router in the house.

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Wifi Router

It may even be the fault of the person who has installed the router. In the end these are dedicated to a process that has little to do with examining your home from top to bottom looking for the best location. That’s already up to you.

Many times we go crazy and think that our router is damaged, but the first thing to ask yourself is if you are really getting all the performance that the device offers. In many cases, the fastest way to eliminate dead spots and enjoy better connectivity is not new hardware, but a new position for the router you already have.

Simply put, although we will not delve deeper into the subject, the best place to install the router is a central and unobstructed location to ensure that the Wi-Fi network has a strong signal anywhere in the house. Moving the router, even if it’s just a few meters, can save you endless trouble and allow you to get the most out of your Internet connection.




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