Is your device capable of running AI models? Find out with Opera’s new free tool

Opera launches, a tool that allows evaluating the ability of devices to run AI models locally

Is your device capable of running AI models allows you to discover a device’s ability to run AI models locally

Opera has launched, a tool that allows users to assess their devices’ ability to run artificial intelligence (AI) models locally. This solution, accessible to all, opens up new possibilities in the use of AI and improves privacy by allowing tests to be carried out without the need to send data to external servers.

How works

The tool is designed to be easy to use and is suitable for both casual users and hobbyists with advanced equipment and AI-focused researchers. To use, users must access through the latest version of Opera Developer, a browser that, as of a few days ago, has the artificial intelligence models of the Google Gemini family integrated. Once on the page, they must follow these steps:

  1. Read the information provided.
  2. Click “Run Test”.
  3. Select an assessment profile.
  4. Click “Start Trial”.

The duration of the test varies between three and twenty minutes, depending on the specifications of the system and the profile chosen. Upon completion, the results are displayed on the screen and can be shared via a link or downloaded as a CSV file for further analysis. offers three assessment profiles, each representing a large local language model (LLM) with different resource demands. The choice of profile should be based on the specifications of the available hardware to obtain a representative evaluation. The tool uses three main indicators to determine device readiness:

  • Tokens per second (TPS): Measures the number of four-character words, including spaces, that the model can process per second.
  • First token latency (FTL): Measures the time it takes for the model to generate the first word after receiving an prompt.
  • Model Load Time (MLT): Measures the time it takes for the hardware to load the LLM into the system’s RAM.

In addition to these leading indicators, additional results related to various tasks typical of a local LLM provided. The model executes these tasks multiple times and provides TPS and FTL averages for each, providing a more detailed view of device performance.

Devicetest AI Results

The different types of results it can give, depending on the capabilities of the device

Opera has assured that the data used in the test is used exclusively to generate the results and compare the performance of the device with other users. No personal data is collected or data associated with specific IP addresses, ensuring that user privacy remains intact.

For those interested in verifying their device’s readiness for AI, it is necessary to download the Opera Developer version and follow the steps mentioned.



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