Apple Intelligence: These are the devices that support Apple’s AI features

Find out which devices will have Apple Intelligence and which have been left out

Apple Intelligence These are the devices that support Apple AI features
Apple Intelligence is Apple’s AI features

Apple has opened its long-awaited WWDC 2024 today with its own presentation and has brought us great news, including its incredible artificial intelligence baptized as Apple Intelligence. Of the big phone brands, it was to be expected that Apple was not going to take long to present this technology, so we finally have it here and the truth is that it has been truly surprising.

Now, they have shown the list of devices compatible with Apple Intelligence and the truth is that it is quite interesting to see which devices are going to be compatible.

If you want to know if your phone, computer or tablet is compatible with Apple’s new AI, read on, because the truth is that compatibility is quite limited. It’s no wonder, after all, AI is a young and demanding technology in terms of technology, so it’s practically mandatory to have the best possible hardware to make it work.

Devices on which Apple Intelligence will be available

Not all devices that update to the new versions of iOS, iPadOS, or macOS will have the new AI capabilities available due to hardware limitations. In this way, the devices will be the following:

  • iPhone 15 Pro Max.
  • iPhone 15 Pro.
  • iPad Pro with M1 and later.
  • iPad Air with M1 and later.
  • Macbook Air with M1 and later chips.
  • MacBook Pro with M1 and later.
  • iMac with M1 and later chips.
  • Mac mini with M1 and later.
  • Mac Studio with M1 Max and later.
  • Mac Pro with M2 Ultra.

If your phone, computer, or tablet isn’t among the chosen ones, unfortunately you won’t be able to use Apple’s native AI features. Although you can always choose to use other virtual assistants. For example, the native ChatGPT application that incorporates GPT-4 and an interesting audio and image assistant that they presented at the launch of GPT-4o.



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