iOS 18’s AI features could be part of a standalone service

Apple’s intention is to keep away users who are reluctant with these features and offer several chatbots from the competition

iOS 18 AI features could be part of a standalone service
iOS 18’s AI features would have to be activated in a very specific way

iOS 18 is expected to be an operating system full of AI features that would be part of a standalone service, which will have to be activated in a very clear way, according to a new report from Bloomberg. What Apple would seek with this is to allow those people who don’t want to use such features to stay out of it.

It seems that the agreement between Apple and OpenAI to integrate ChatGPT into iOS 18 and the other new versions of the operating systems would be announced at WWDC 2024. However, it should be noted that this is still a rumor.

Will iOS 18’s AI features be paid?

It is also important to mention that, in addition to OpenAI, Apple would be in negotiations with Google to integrate Gemini into the iPhone and other devices. It is believed that the Apple company wants to offer several third-party chatbots while preparing its own.

Today’s report also notes that Apple would be looking beyond chatbots in its AI plans with the intention of using large language models to help power a pair of robotic devices that it would be secretly developing.

There have previously been rumors of Apple offering its own chatbot with the help of OpenAI’s tools, but if it does offer several from the competition, it may still be too early to do so. Therefore, using ChatGPT and Gemini would be a start for that future.

Let’s remember that WWDC 2024 will be held on June 10, so it won’t be long before we can get rid of any doubts. We may see OpenAI’s CEO during the presentation if a deal has actually been reached. A good way in which these features could be integrated and made optional by users, would be to opt for a system like the system that Apple uses for beta versions. For the system that Apple uses for users to test the betas of the operating systems, you have to go into settings and activate it in a very specific way. This way, users who don’t want to use these features shouldn’t have to.



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