The iPhone’s Control Center would undergo one of its biggest changes in iOS 18

Apple would allow Control Center widgets to be rearranged directly in the interface via drag and drop

The iPhone Control Center would undergo one of its biggest changes in iOS 18
iOS 18 would arrive with a new Control Center

iOS 18 would also arrive with a revamped Control Center, which would include a new Apple Music widget, changes to the buttons on HomeKit-compatible accessories, and the ability to customize it. According to the latest rumors, Apple would have tested these features, but it is not yet clear if they would have been finalized for the new version that will arrive on the iPhone.

It would not be surprising if customization also came to the Control Center, since similar options are expected on the home screen, such as the possibility of placing the icons of the apps freely or changing the icon of the apps.

Will the rumor of a new Control Center finally come true?

The new Control Center could be customized by dragging and dropping to rearrange the items that are part of it. This would allow widgets and controls to be rearranged directly in the interface, without the need to do so from the Settings, as is the case with the controls at the bottom.

If the new Control Center ends up arriving, it would represent the biggest redesign of the Control Center since iOS 11, a version from which the Control Center is invoked with a swipe gesture from bottom to top to be able to control music, concentration modes or different connections.

However, it should also be noted that this rumor has been circulating for years. In fact, a customizable Control Center was going to be one of the new features of iOS 17, but in the end it wasn’t. Perhaps this year, when everything indicates that iOS will be much more customizable, it may be the right time to add this functionality.

Let’s remember that in iOS 18 many artificial intelligence functions would be added that would be part of a separate service according to the latest rumors. This means that many of them may need to be enabled very clearly for users to have the option to use them or not. A good system that Apple could use is the one it uses to install beta versions.



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