Siri in iOS 18: these are all the features that would come to the iPhone assistant

In this article we are going to tell you all the new features that would come to Siri in iOS 18

Siri in iOS 18 all the features that would come to the iPhone assistant
Siri would change completely in iOS 18

iOS 18 is just around the corner and Siri is expected to be one of the big protagonists. Thanks to artificial intelligence, a significant improvement in the assistant of the s devices is anticipated, which would finally work as we expect. Rumors have informed us about the features that would be coming, so we have compiled them all so that you can know them before WWDC 2024.

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In this article, we are going to tell you all the new Siri features that would arrive with iOS 18. These new features would be highlighted by a great integration of the assistant within the system, allowing you to perform really useful and interesting actions, such as making a summary of all pending notifications.

What’s new in Siri in iOS 18?

Next, we are going to tell you all the new features that would come to Siri in iOS 18, which would be possible thanks to the integration of ChatGPT in iOS 18, according to rumors. An agreement that has been in the making since the middle of last year. The novelties would be the following:

Smarter, more natural responses

Siri’s response capabilities will receive a major upgrade through an innovative intelligent response system. In addition, Siri will introduce new, more realistic voices that will facilitate more fluid and natural interactions, and the Siri dictation function will be optimized.

Advanced playback control

Siri would have the ability to manage music playback from other devices. For example, you could use your iPhone to control music on your Mac. Although this functionality could experience some delay in its implementation.

Notification summary with Siri

Siri may also give you a summary of your most recent notifications, making it easier to manage your messages and alerts. You can expect to be able to do the same for conversations in the Messages app when you sign in and there are a lot of unread messages.

A complete integration with the system

Siri will be fully integrated within the system. This will open up a world of possibilities in terms of actions, since specific application tasks can be performed. For example, changing a folder note, opening a specific document, and more. Apple is reportedly planning to include hundreds of new commands.

On the other hand, the iPhone assistant would be able to execute multiple commands at the same time. This means that you could be asked to do several things at once and you would do them consecutively. This is undoubtedly an improvement over the feature we currently have in iOS 17, with which Siri waits for you to say something else when you finish saying one.

All this is what would come according to rumors. But if Apple ends up using OpenAI’s tools in iOS 18, we’d have a lot of features left to see. Apple would explain at WWDC 2024 the different uses of these new features, as well as more that we still don’t know.

However, the most advanced features, according to rumors, will not be released with iOS 18 in September, but would have to wait until 2025.



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