iOS 18 would allow you to block apps with Face ID, Touch ID or passcode

iOS 18 would add one of the features that users have been asking for for years

iOS 18 would allow you to block apps with Face ID Toch ID or passcode
iOS 18 and its AI features to be unveiled at WWDC 2024

iOS 18 is about to be presented, and we already have a complete summary of all the new features that we could see. However, small details are still emerging a few hours after its presentation: applications could be blocked using Face ID, a feature that some applications already have, but that could be implemented natively in the next version that will arrive on the iPhone.

Although the rumor focuses on facial recognition, it would also be possible to block apps using Touch ID or a passcode. This option is already feasible through different methods, but not natively. This functionality would provide greater privacy and security to users, although initially only in native applications.

iOS 18 would allow blocking access to applications

MacRumors notes that this feature would allow users to lock native apps such as Mail, Messages, Notes, Phone, Safari, Settings, and more. And it wouldn’t only work with Face ID, but also with Touch ID and a passcode.

At the moment it has not been confirmed if this feature would be exclusive to native applications, although it would not have to be, considering that some third-party apps already have this security measure. An example known to all is WhatsApp.

It should be noted that iOS already allows you to lock specific notes or the albums of hidden or recently deleted photos with Face ID or Touch ID, so extending this capability to apps would represent a significant advance in iOS 18’s security measures.

Recall that iOS 18 and its related versions will be presented at WWDC 2024. We have prepared a complete summary of everything that Apple would present, as well as the schedule in different countries and the three ways to follow the live presentation of Apple’s AI features, which would be launched under the Apple Intelligence brand.



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