macOS Sequoia: All the changes coming to your Mac and when you’ll be able to download the update

AI, creativity, and productivity are the key to this new edition of macOS 15

macOS Sequoia update
macOS 15 will be called Sequoia

WWDC 2024 has left us with great surprises, something that we have been revealing live and that has left a great taste in our mouths for all those who follow Apple’s news with interest at the software level. As it could not be otherwise, macOS was not going to be the exception in the list of new features that are going to arrive in the Apple ecosystem, and the Cupertino company has seen fit to present the new macOS 15 for all users who have a Mac.

macOS 15 hits the market

macOS Sequoia will receive all the improvements that have been seen in the new versions of iOS and iPadOS. Thus, Math Notes and the Photos and Maps applications have received a significant facelift by adding the functionalities that have been announced throughout the presentation. While Photos will be more customizable, Maps will allow you to see the altitude of the area through signs on the map.

In addition, we also have something highly demanded by the community, iPhone Mirroring, to be able to use our phone through the laptop. Something that other brands already had but that was still a pending account within Apple. Not only will we be able to use the phone from our computer, but we will also be able to see its notifications, and all this without the phone being unlocked, so security will be the key in all this.

In addition, they have presented the Passwords application that will allow you to organize the passwords and verification codes that you receive. This feature will be available on all the devices we use, including Windows.

Safari has been one of the great beneficiaries of this new version of macOS. With the browser in Sequoia we can enjoy an improved version of reading mode, as well as the way we enjoy videos.

The gaming section has also improved significantly if we take into account that the new devices use Apple Silicon. Support has been added for multiple video games, such as Baldurs Gate 3, the best game of last year. In addition, work continues on improving the tools to port new games from Microsoft Windows to macOS, iPadOS and iOS. Games will arrive on their world premiere dates, as is the case of the future Frostpunk 2 or the new Assassin’s Creed Shadows that will arrive on November 15 for macOS.

In addition, they have announced that macOS Sequoia will have compatibility with Apple’s new Artificial Intelligence. Allowing us to better manage our contacts, generate images and understand our personal context, having the ability to analyze the most relevant information from our apps and, of course, having a more powerful and accessible version of Siri as an intelligent assistant.

macOS Sequoia availability

macOS Sequoia will be available to all users with a compatible Mac computer later this year. However, users will be able to start testing beta versions from today at the end of the presentation.



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