Apple presents iOS 18: all the news and when the new version can be downloaded on the iPhone

In this article we are going to tell you all the new features that have come to iOS 18

Apple presents iOS 18 all the news and when the new version can be downloaded on the iPhone
All the new features that have come to iOS 18

Apple has just unveiled iOS 18 at WWDC 2024, the next version that will arrive on compatible iPhones during the month of September. A lot of things had been leaked about iOS 18, perhaps too much, so let’s find out if the rumors were right or not. Has Artificial Intelligence been the main protagonist? Has Siri been completely renewed? Next, we are going to tell you what new features iOS 18 has brought, a version that has been the great protagonist of WWDC 2024.

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These are all the new features of iOS 18

First of all, you will be able to customize the home screen more. The icons can now be colored to your liking; it is even possible to adjust the color you prefer. On the other hand, they can also be freely located on the home screen. Also, with dark mode, app icons will become dark. Another thing that has arrived and was in high demand is the possibility of customizing the shortcuts of the lock screen.

Home screen gets completely redesigned in iOS 18
Home screen gets completely redesigned in iOS 18

Customization also comes to the Control Center, which is now customizable. A long press invokes a new menu with widgets to add, a menu that apps can also take advantage of. Note that HomeKit controls have been redesigned and Control Center is now made up of pages.

The new iOS 18 Control Center
The new iOS 18 Control Center

Another of the great novelties is the possibility of blocking apps with Face ID and Touch ID, so that they can only be accessed through a biometric system. In addition, apps can also be hidden, and when that happens, the corresponding notifications will be hidden as well.

On the other hand, the Messages app has also received great news. Like applications such as WhatsApp or Telegram, you can react to messages with the emoji of your choice or schedule messages for later.

Finally, other new features that have been announced have been topographic maps in the Maps app, the integration of Reminders in the Calendar app or the complete renovation of the Photos app, with a new interface and new functions such as the recognition of groups of friends or collections.

The new Photos app interface
The new Photos app interface

Specifically, in iOS 18, the Photos app has undergone an unprecedented redesign. The purpose is to facilitate access to everything with a simple touch. When you swipe up or down, you’ll find various sections of the app, including our memory collections and the people we’ve added.

Finally, other apps such as Mail have also added new features such as a renewed design that will allow us to access our emails more quickly thanks to a series of filters. The emails will be categorized automatically, although we can also do it manually.

What’s new in iOS 18 accessibility

Apple announced a few weeks ago the accessibility features that we will see in the future, features that will be part of iOS 18. Some are really interesting and here is the complete list:

  • Eye Tracking: This will allow you to control your iPhone or iPad with your eyes.
  • Vocal Shortcuts: This will allow you to execute actions with voice commands.
  • Vehicle Motion Cues: It will allow you to avoid dizziness when using the iPhone while driving.
  • Music Haptics: It will allow people with hearing difficulties to enjoy music with vibrations.

When iOS 18 will be released

While we don’t know exactly when iOS 18 will be released, we can anticipate it to be during the month of September. When that happens, all iPhones compatible with this new version will be able to enjoy all its new features.

However, if you want to install iOS 18 before its official release, you can do so by installing the beta version on your device. In this sense, you have two options: install the beta for developers, which is available from today, or opt for the public beta, which is more stable and will be released in July.



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