What is Wireless Charging and How it Works

We all use gadgets like smartphones, tablets, iPad, digital cameras and other portable devices in our day-to-day life. But, all these devices require power to operate and it seems to be clutter around with cables to charge them. If you have more of the portable devices working on, then you would need many chargers to power up all of your gadgets.

Wireless charger

But, What if you can charge your portable device without cable? yes, you can transmit electric power to your device wirelessly and here wireless chargers comes in existance. Wireless chargers are capable of charging devices without any physical connection to charging device. Even you will be able to charge devices up to a distance of 30 feet claimed by Ossia without wires. Imagine, you would be able to charge devices in your home like they get WiFi or radio frequency signals.


What is a Wireless Charger?

Wireless charger is basically is a mat containing an inductive coil. Major part of a wireless charger is the coil which creates magnetic field that causes the induction and devices get charged wirelessly. Most of the wireless chargers can charge multiple devices at a time by placing all devices on the charging mat at a once.


How Wireless Charging Works?

For charging a device with a wireless charger, device must have a compatible induction coil connected to the battery. Some of the portable devices (electric toothbrush) and mobile phones (Nexus 4, Nokia Lumina 920, Samsung Galaxy S3, S4 and others) already comes with wireless charging functionality where as a wireless charging coil can be attached to most of the devices and mobile phones with the back cover inside mobile phones.

Wireless charging coil

Wireless charging works on the principle of induction coupling, where coil placed in the magnetic field produces the current. Here charging Mat actually connected to the wall socket and coil inside the mat creates magnetic field, when we place any device with a compatible coil on the mat or within the specified area, then magnetic field of mat coil induces a current in the device’s coil which is attached to the battery and device get charged without any physical connection.

Wireless charging is the latest feature in smartphones like Nexus 4, Nokia Lumina 920, Samsung Galaxy S3, S4 and most of the smartphones can be charged with a wireless charger by attaching a wireless charging coil at the back cover of smartphone and can easily be fit under the back cover of smartphones. Apple iPhone can also be charged by using iPhone case with wireless charging feature.


Wireless Power Standards

But the only thing that matters is the one universal standard for wireless power charging. There are still different competing standards of wireless power charging. Alliance for Wireless Power (A4WP), Power Matters Alliance (PMA) and Qi are the competing standards in the wireless power charging war. One universal standard enables different chargers and devices work together.

However, wireless charger standards are still in the war of universal wireless power standard and partners major brands. There, may be a single wireless power standard in the near future.

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