Apple would improve dark mode in iOS 18 thanks to this feature that app icons would have

Native app icons would have their own version for dark mode

Apple would improve dark mode in iOS 18 thanks to this novelty that app icons would have
iOS 18 would also arrive with customization options

iOS 18 would arrive with great news, especially in the field of Artificial Intelligence. However, we would also see small details that would significantly improve the user experience, such as home screen customization, the possible blocking of apps with Face ID, Touch ID or passcode, and an improved dark mode that would also affect app icons.

Currently, when the iPhone is in dark mode, everything adopts this mode except for native app icons. This is precisely what would change in iOS 18: app icons would also be darkened. This change would be especially noticeable in applications such as Safari, Notes, Reminders or Calendar.

App icons would have a dark tint with dark mode turned on

As pointed out by the specialized Apple media, MacRumorsiOS 18 would significantly improve dark mode by also extending it to native app icons. This would mean that the icons would change to black instead of staying white. Non-native apps may also receive a darker tint; for example, a dark red in Apple Music.

It should be noted that since the launch of dark mode in iOS 13, when it is activated, the interface and elements such as the Dock or folders become dark, but the icons of the applications remain the same. With this change, a significant improvement would be achieved in terms of design. Let’s remember that iOS 18 would allow you to change the color of app icons, and this could be what the rumors allude to.

It would not be strange to see this novelty, considering that iOS 18 would also allow the customization of the home screen, allowing you to place the icons freely. This version, along with the others, will be presented at WWDC 2024 under the Apple Intelligence brand. The conference will take place today, June 10 at 10:00 a.m. Pacific Time.



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