iOS 18 would allow you to change the color of the app icon, but it may not be in the way we imagined

The ability to change the color of app icons will be through a developer API, not an iOS 18 feature

iOS 18 would allow you to change the color of the app icon
iOS 18 will be unveiled on June 10 and will have AI features

One of the recent rumors about iOS 18 is that we would be allowed to change the color of the app icons, being able to set a color pattern for the different types of apps. For example, finance apps would be green, social media apps would be blue, etc. However, I don’t think that will happen, at least not in that way.

Can you change the color of app icons in iOS 18? Yes, but I think it won’t be a feature of the version itself, but of an API that Apple will offer to developers. It will be like an evolution of the system we have now, but instead of choosing between icons within an app, we will be offered the possibility to select the one we want.

The ability to change the color of app icons will be an option, not a feature

Why do I believe this? Apple tends to take care of its developers, and allowing users to set whatever color they want for app icons wouldn’t make much sense, considering all the work that goes into the icons. That’s why I think this possibility will come, but it will be optional on the part of the developers.

Currently, developers can offer multiple icons of their app through an API that detects that the icon has been changed to be displayed on the home screen. I think this system will evolve and be much better. How will they do it?

The new API that the developers would have could allow in the settings to offer a color palette for the user to choose the color they like the most for that icon. But it won’t be a feature as such of iOS 18, but a choice by the developers.

Other customization changes that would arrive in iOS 18 would be the possibility to place the icons of the apps wherever we want, being able to leave blank spaces on the home screen. We’ll see what happens, but I don’t see Apple allowing as much customization, but rather offering that as a possibility.



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