iOS 18: These are the features that would arrive that wouldn’t have AI

iOS 18 will have many Artificial Intelligence features, but also many others that are not and are also important

iOS 18 - These are the features that would arrive that would not have AI
iOS 18 will also have features that will have nothing to do with AI

iOS 18 will have many Artificial Intelligence features, but it would also arrive with many others that will not be related to it. Like customization on the Home screen or what’s new in Control Center or the Settings app on your iPhone. That’s why we’re going to tell you what’s new in iOS 18 that won’t have AI.

In this article, we’re going to list all the new features in iOS 18 that won’t have Artificial Intelligence, but that are just as important as the new features in the Messages app, the home screen, or the Maps screen. New features that will also improve the experience for all users.

What’s new in iOS 18 that isn’t related to Artificial Intelligence

Below we are going to list all those new features in iOS 18 that are not related to AI. Surely these are the ones that will reach 100% to all devices compatible with the new version. Recall that AI functions are expected to require an A17 Pro processor or higher or an M1 or higher. That said, here’s the list of what’s new:

  • Home screen customization: Users are expected to be able to place app icons freely on the home screen, leaving blank spaces.
  • Changing the color of app icons: While rumors suggest that it will be completely refurbished, I bet it will be an optional API that Apple provides to developers.
  • What’s new in the Messages app: iOS 18 is expected to make the Messages app compatible with the RCS protocol, as well as add new effects to those that can already be used when sending a message.
  • What’s new in the Maps app: Maps as we have them now on the Apple Watch and the ability to create custom routes are expected to arrive.
  • What’s new in Control Center: Small changes are expected, including a new widget for Apple Music and controls for HomeKit accessories.
  • Settings app a bit revamped: The interface of the Settings app is expected to be simpler and come with an improved search engine.
  • New accessibility features: New features such as the ability to control your iPhone or iPad with your eyes or one that will prevent you from getting dizzy in the car.

In the case of the Messages app’s compatibility with the RCS protocol and the new accessibility features, they have been shared by Apple itself. However, the others are based on hearsay, but it is possible that most of them will come true. To clear up any doubts, we will have to wait for WWDC 2024.



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