These would be the iPhones that wouldn’t have all the AI features of iOS 18

Server-processed and more advanced features would be exclusive to the iPhone 15 Pro onwards

iPhones that would not have all the AI features of iOS 18
Some iOS 18 AI features would be exclusive to newer iPhones

We are just a few days away from Apple unveiling iOS 18 and the latest rumors bet that not all iPhones will be compatible with all the Artificial Intelligence features that would arrive, but would be limited to the latest models, also on iPads and Macs. This is not to say that older models would be left out of them, only the most advanced ones.

In this article, we’re going to tell you which iPhones wouldn’t have all the AI features of iOS 18, since, as we said, it’s possible that the most advanced ones are exclusive to newer models. Especially those that will be processed on servers and would need a very powerful processor.

Which iPhones will support iOS 18’s AI features

Apple will use a hybrid system for its AI features. On the one hand, the most basic functions would run on the devices, being fast and secure. These would make their way to all compatible iPhones. The ones that wouldn’t make it to all iPhones would be those processed in the cloud, which would be more advanced, such as some features of the new version of Siri.

Among Siri’s new features, there would be greater integration with the system, being able to perform very specific tasks of the applications. On the other hand, Apple’s own LLM is expected to take care of what are considered basic AI tasks, and it will be entirely on the device. In other words, the model runs on the iPhone’s processor, rather than in the cloud.

While iOS 18 would be compatible with all iPhones that were compatible with iOS 17, the most advanced features would only come from the iPhone 15 Pro. Which is to say that it’s possible that even the standard iPhone 15 won’t be able to execute all the features that would come. In the case of iPads and Macs, full-featured models would need an M1 processor or higher for this.

Apple usually releases exclusive features for newer iPhones, but this move would be going a bit to the extreme. Analyst Mark Gurman believes that the company wants to incentivize users to update their devices through software features. WWDC 2024 will be on June 10, so there is nothing left to be able to clear up any doubts.



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