Aptoide, the legendary alternative app store to Google Play, is also coming to iOS

Apple’s App Store Will Get More Competition in a Matter of Days: Aptoide Coming to iPhones

Aptoide the legendary alternative app store to Google Play is also coming to iOS
Aptoide is coming to IOS: this is how the mythical app store will work for Android, now for iPhone

Aptoide has been serving as an alternative to Google’s Play Store for years. This app store has a long history, and now Aptoide will also be available for iOS. Of course, the store that will compete with Apple’s App Store will only offer applications within the European economic framework.

The move by Aptoide comes after the Digital Markets Act came into force. Of course, Aptoide has decided that its iOS app store will not be open to the general public at launch; Only those users with an invitation will be able to access it.

It is not the first alternative store to Apple’s App Store, a few weeks ago we echoed the launch of the AltStore. The new normal on iOS seems to have focused on having all the options that were not accessible before.

Aptoide is coming to IOS: this is how the legendary Android store will work, now for iPhone

The total number of users who will be able to access this app store is not yet known, although Aptoide has indicated that they have a waiting list of 20,000 people and that they will distribute between 500 and 1,000 codes per day that will offer access to this store.

This is what Aptoide will look like for iOS
This is what Aptoide will look like for iOS / Image: Aptoide

While the launch of an iOS app store is an interesting event, Aptoide won’t have a large catalog at the start. It has been learned that users will be able to download seven games, including Solitaire, Mahjong and Charades.

Of course, the store’s plans are to integrate a greater number of games. Aptoide has commented that it has more than 100 iOS developers destined to work to be able to bring games to this store, in fact, it has been made public that they are working on 30 new titles.

Paulo Trezentos, CEO of Aptoide, has indicated that the store will focus on games for the time being. Apps and utilities take a back seat. He has not expressed that this content will never be part of the store, but games will only be accessible in their first months of life.

When will Aptoide for iOS be released? On June 6 this store will be made official, any user can sign up for the waiting list through the following link and, of course, it will be essential to be attentive in order to obtain a code that gives access to this new content portal.



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