Generative AI comes to OPPO mobiles: the brand will bring new features to more than 50 million users this year

OPPO has been the latest company to make clear its position in favor of implementing AI-based features across its entire product portfolio

Generative AI comes to OPPO mobiles
Billy Zhang, during the presentation of OPPO’s new generative AI initiatives

OPPO’s product portfolio is about to undergo a revolution thanks to the advent of generative artificial intelligence. The company announced today that, throughout 2024, it will focus its efforts on bringing different AI-related functions to as many users of its devices as possible worldwide, aiming to exceed the figure of 50 million users before the end of the year.

To achieve this, the Chinese firm has worked closely with some of the leading companies in this industry, including Google, Microsoft and MediaTek.

All OPPO product lines will include generative AI

Billy Zhang, president of marketing, sales and service at OPPO, has pointed out that with their efforts, they intend to make smartphones with AI accessible to all types of audiences. Therefore, it can be expected that not only the brand’s most expensive models will incorporate features based on this technology. Cheaper models will also benefit from the latest advancements.

In this sense, OPPO explains that, over the last ten years, the brand has filed more than 5,000 different patents related to artificial intelligence developments (70% of them related to the field of image). In addition, today, the brand’s smartphones already have more than 100 different AI capabilities.

As for the upcoming models, the brand notes that it will be the members of the OPPO Reno12 series and the future flagship of the OPPO Find X series that will debut a new hybrid AI architecture, which will combine on-device and cloud-processed capabilities. To this end, OPPO has partnered with Google to integrate Gemini language models into these phones.

Billy Zhang during the presentation of new AI features in OPPO
Billy Zhang during the presentation of OPPO’s new AI features

These models will give life to functionalities such as AI Writer or AI Recording Summary, which allow texts or summaries of voice recordings to be generated autonomously. Both will be part of the AI Toolbox suite of AI features.

It has also collaborated with MediaTek to use optimized chips to improve storage and computational efficiency when executing these types of tasks; and with Microsoft, which will be responsible for providing new, more efficient speech and text conversion capabilities on OPPO devices.

OPPO also wanted to focus on specific functions such as OPPO AI Eraser, a feature that allows you to remove unwanted objects from photos with a few simple steps, using artificial intelligence. According to the brand, today, this feature is used an average of 15 times a day by users.

To conclude, the brand is convinced that the transition from smartphones to phones with integrated AI will be a long-term evolution, completely transforming the mobile experience.



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