Steam gives away these 3 new games for free forever and to get off on the right foot in June

Claim these varied proposals forever and whenever you want to spend a weekend, and a beginning of the month, of the most entertaining

Steam gives away new games for free forever
Steam gives away these 3 new games free forever and for an unlimited time

As usual, this week we have talked about a good number of free games, but it is true that most of the occasions have been to talk about the new free game that the Epic Games Store gives away this week, a title that has finally been confirmed (as expected). Well, to be fair, we also told you that both the Epic Games Store and Steam were giving away a new title at no cost for a fairly limited time this week. Now, to get the weekend and the month of June off to a good start, we bring you a few free-to-play games from the same Valve platform.

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That’s right, here we bring a new list of free games that can be claimed forever and for an unlimited time on Steam. As usual, we have 3 new proposals that have only recently been available in Valve’s PC game store and that can help us spend a very entertaining weekend.

Start June on the right foot with these 3 new free games that Steam gives away forever and for an unlimited time

Chambers: The Outlaw

Dive headfirst into the eccentric open world of Chambers: The Outlaw, where you’ll conquer bandit-controlled territories. Test your skills and luck in epic duels to earn respect points and build a reputation. Take part in vibrant and bustling cities, where you can barter, upgrade your gear, and learn new skills. Kick cowboy butts, grab balls from the air with your bare hands, and traverse rough terrain on horseback in this thrilling adventure game!”

It is worth mentioning that this first free game on the list is a prologue to what will be Chambers, which will be available soon on Valve’s platform.

Download FREE Chambers: The Outlaw on Steam

Strong Fortress: Prologu

It’s a Star Wars-themed shooter where the player takes on the role of the protagonist as they pilot a mech to guard a fortress, while managing resources and building a company to take on alien creatures as the level rounds progress.” This proposal is also a prologue to what will be Strong Fortress, which will be released in the second quarter of 2024, so the content, obviously, is not complete.

Download FREE Strong Fortress: Prologue on Steam

No Way Out

No Way Out is an intense and thrilling survival horror game in which players take on the role of a volunteer trapped in a panicked hospital. Players must bravely face their fears, explore various areas of the hospital, and find a way to escape while uncovering the truth behind the events.”

Download FREE No Way Out on Steam



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