Still using Windows 10 on your PC? Microsoft confirms the date it will stop supporting you

Windows 10 will lose full support on October 14, 2025: Microsoft announces the date on which PCs will stop receiving updates and support

Microsoft confirms the date it will stop supporting you
Microsoft will turn off the tap to Windows 10 on October 14, 2025: all users who haven’t upgraded to Windows 11 will stop receiving updates and support

Microsoft has made it clear that Windows 10’s days are numbered. It’s not the first time the Redmond company has made this announcement, in fact, some versions of Windows 10 have already lost or are about to lose support. This time, Microsoft indicates that on October 14, 2025, all versions of Windows 10 will stop receiving updates.

The statement has been made through Microsoft’s official blog, what is said does not surprise anyone and it is clear that the Redmond company has warned in advance about the end of Windows 10. Logically, not all users have made the leap to Windows 11 and that will be a problem that they will have to solve as the end of support date approaches.

Microsoft will turn off the tap to Windows 10 on October 14, 2025

The loss of support for Windows 10 has several facets, all computers with this version of Microsoft’s operating system will stop receiving security updates and technical support for problems that may arise after the support date has passed.

All this indicates that, in the event that Windows 10 has a critical failure, Microsoft will be able to reserve its action because it will no longer have any type of obligation to offer a solution to users. In addition, any type of new threat can put these systems in check.

The most obvious solution to avoid this situation is to upgrade your PC to Windows 11. This jump has been enabled almost since the release of this version, although now after several changes and renewals of this operating system, it would be best to install it from scratch.

And the end of support for Windows 10 doesn’t just affect the operating system. Microsoft also indicates that Microsoft Office applications will be affected. Specifically, Office 2016 and Office 2019 are also reaching the end of support and will no longer receive updates that fix issues or add improvements.

It’s clear that Microsoft has given enough time for users to make the necessary changes to make their PCs compatible with Windows 11 and avoid the end of support for Windows 10. Now we just have to wait and see how this situation will really affect users.

At the moment, users have more than a year to make the leap to Windows 11 or, if they can’t do so with their current device, consider a new laptop or change desktop components to meet the specific requirements needed for Windows 11.



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