The design of the new Samsung Galaxy Buds 3 Pro is leaked and reminds us a lot of Apple’s AirPods

Evan Blass has leaked an image of what appears to be the final design of the Samsung Galaxy Buds 3 Pro, which points more towards Apple’s designs than a continuity line with previous generations.

The design of the new Samsung Galaxy Buds 3 Pro is leaked and reminds us a lot of Apple AirPods
Leaked image of the Galaxy Buds 3 Pro

We’ve been hearing about rumors of the new Galaxy Buds 3 for some time now. During the last CES in Las Vegas we saw that the Koreans presented a prototype in which a touch screen was integrated into the charging case, very much in the style of what we saw JBL do with its Tour Pro 2 and something that they have repeated with the Live Beam 3 (and this whole family of earbuds in general).

According to information published in SAMMobile, the well-known tipster Evan Blass has leaked an image in which you can see (although distorted) what looks like an image of the new Samsung Galaxy Buds 3 Pro. And what’s surprising isn’t that the image has been leaked, but what it reveals about the design of the headphones.

Less Galaxy Buds, more AirPods

If there is one thing about Evan Blass leaks, it is that they are usually tremendously reliable. That’s why there are those in X (formerly Twitter) who are already putting their hands to their heads because Samsung’s new headphones have chosen to look more like AirPods, than what the brand was offering us until now. The headphones have been developed by Harman, like all Samsung products, so their essence will remain the same. What changes is the exterior, and quite a lot.

This is a completely revamped design for the next generation of the Galaxy Buds family. Now, according to the image, they are no longer simple earbuds, but have a stick so that they can be operated more easily. This stick immediately brings to mind the JBL Live Beam 3, so it is possible that the touchscreen that was presented as a prototype at CES will also arrive with them since both start from Harman and may have taken advantage of some of their design lines.

And despite the distortion with the mosaic effect (presumably to prevent Samsung from forcing it to be removed), the design is perfectly discernible. Speaking of the stick, according to the media there were already reports in the past that mentioned its presence in the new generation. Apparently, this is due to reasons of autonomy and, as can be seen, those reports were quite accurate.

Regarding its technical specifications, the Galaxy Buds 3 Pro will feature a dual driver design and Bluetooth 5.4 connectivity. They will also be able to transmit 24-bit audio and a sample rate of 96 KHz, which puts the headphones in the realm of high-resolution audio. They will also have IP57 certification for dust and water resistance, LED lights on their sides, adaptive ANC, adaptive EQ and up to 30 hours of autonomy on a single charge.



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