Neither Monday nor Friday, those who work remotely have a preferred day for teleworking from home, and the one that wins by a landslide is Tuesday

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The United Kingdom division of Forbes has wanted to get closer to the latest statistics on teleworking and, hand in hand with surveys such as those of the National Statistics Office of the English country, has yielded more than a few curiosities. For example, the preferred day to work remotely is neither Monday nor Friday, it is Tuesday.

Specifically, the order of preference for the distribution of teleworking days according to the ONS is divided into 67% for Tuesday, 65% for Friday, 64% for Wednesday, and 63% for Thursday. Monday, despite the fact that for many it would be the ideal day in which not to have to deal with an early morning and the subsequent caravan to the office, remains at 58%.

Other fun facts about teleworking

The need to organize the week and be the day chosen to propose more participatory meetings and stand-up or scrum seems the most feasible hypothesis for Monday to become the black sheep of the week. But in any case it still seems crazy that Tuesday is chosen over Friday.

In any case, among other curious facts about teleworking, they show that despite the fact that 86% of workers were able to telework during the pandemic, now only 10% of workers in the United Kingdom can afford to work remotely throughout the week. While 29% do so much of the time, there are 39% who are not allowed that option.

Among the disadvantages of working remotely, 48% say that it is more difficult for them to work with their colleagues, there are 26% who fall into more distractions, and 31% believe that there are no disadvantages. On the other hand, 78% believe that teleworking improves their stability between private and work life, and 52% consider that it allows them to finish their work in less time by improving their productivity.

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