Freelancing Benefits, Challenges and How to be Persistent

Freelance Working
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Freelancing is a much more viable option for many people than before the pandemic, when the vast majority of jobs required the presence of people in the office and certain schedules and contracts for long periods, almost always with little flexibility regarding working from home or temporary projects. That is, working freelance was almost impossible, because the times were not enough to take advantage of other projects and it was not easy to do it inside an office.

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Now, with the change in work structures as a result of the closure of several offices and the restructuring of ways of working to adapt to isolation, including changes in schedules and workplaces, millions of people discovered that in many cases, it is possible to work from home without the need to travel in complex ways to offices and even allowing people to work from different countries or cities to different countries. those who lived before the pandemic, for the possibility of staying at home and delivering their work in the same way.

In that sense, freelancing became much more popular than before the pandemic, and many people chose to keep this style of work, even with its challenges, because the benefits are quite a lot and if you are interested in this style of work, here are some tips so you can approach it.

What is freelance work?

It is known as freelance work to work schemes in which an employee has freedom of organization according to their own times and does not have the obligation to attend an office at a certain time or to comply with certain hours of work a day (except when employers request it).

In addition, freelance work is characterized by allowing a person to work from wherever they want, even outside the country in which they are hired, as the famous digital nomads do. Normally, freelance work handles contracts that are made for specific projects on a temporary basis or for particular goals that must be met to release the labor agreement. For example, the realization of a book or the decoration of a place.

What are the benefits of freelancing?

Being freelance has many benefits such as being able to work flexible hours and from anywhere. In addition, it allows us to select the type of projects in which we want to get involved and reject those that do not go according to our interests. It also has the advantage of involving people with many diverse topics and teams in each project and expanding people’s career options and experiences. Ideal to complement your CV.

What are the challenges of freelancing?

A disadvantage of freelance work is that there are few guarantees of having projects and income and also represents a lack of labor rights, since benefits or security are rarely offered in this type of schemes.

Isolation can also be difficult by not having social interactions at work or spending too much time at home. And hand in hand with the above, it is difficult to establish schedules to limit the amount of work that is done in a day to be inside our private space.

How to survive in the attempt?

Since one of the main challenges of working freelance has to do with the little constancy of income, it is very important that if you want to approach this work style you are a person aware of your economic possibilities and that you do not forget to learn to save, because there will be times with very low or no income in which you will appreciate having saved money from when a project paid well.

Another element to consider is that if you decide to work freelance, you are probably always looking for new possibilities and projects. In this work scheme it is not recommended to trust or stop creativity, because it is easy to spend time without projects that can be quite unstable, so it is ideal to always be aware of new opportunities so as not to be out of work for a long time. Unlike a long-term office job, in freelance life you must sell your career constantly and not stop looking for new opportunities.

Finally, it is recommended that you do not lose patience if you do not find projects all the time, that is why it is so essential to know how to organize your expenses. And also remember that not by being freelance you can neglect your responsibilities. Even if you don’t have a direct boss coming to your desk to ask how you’re doing, you need to be responsible and independent enough to turn in your duties on time. You can rely on calendars or agendas to keep track of it and learn to organize yourself; Trust yourself and your sense of responsibility.




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