These answers are a “red flag” in a job interview: interviewers hate hearing them

Interviewers hate hearing these answers

When facing a job interview, we can all get really nervous with the questions we may be asked. It is true that many of them are predictable and can even be prepared from home, but sometimes nerves can play a trick and commit some ‘red flags’ that will put the recruiter off our hiring.

There are some answers that are said in job interviews that are totally inadvisable if the objective is to be hired. Some answers can be completely empty or even lies, something that is difficult to ‘sneak’ into a person who has been interviewing other people for years.

The Answers Interviewers Hate

Keep in mind that interviewers conduct many interviews with potential candidates every day. In this way, you have to try to stand out from the rest. But as we say, there are phrases that should be avoided at all costs, such as:

  • I’m very proactive.
  • I’m a perfectionist.
  • I’m a good cop with change.
  • I work too much.
  • I don’t have any weaknesses.
  • I work too much.
  • I can’t stand stress.
  • I’m very unpunctual.

In this case, many of the answers are clear red lines that should not be overcome, such as being unpunctual or not having a weakness. The latter because it is clearly a lie, since we always have something we can improve by being something unattractive. The first two of proactivity, perfectionism and even working too much, also denote a cliché repeated ad nauseam.

The advice they give for facing a job interview is to always record yourself before doing it, and create answers that are concise and clear. In addition, it is important not to repeat what you have already put in the CV trying to highlight some facet of you that may be attractive to, as we have said before, stand out above the rest of the candidates.

But what is clear is that these empty answers, if avoided, will open many doors for you in the world of work. Right now, there is total competition for a position and interviews are taking a totally different direction than what we have known so far. That is why it is vital to know how to adapt to this new situation.

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