What professions will be replaced by Artificial Intelligence, according to Bill Gates

The Microsoft co-founder talks about the pros and cons of Artificial Intelligence.

Bill Gates Speaks Of Ai
Billa Gates talks about Artificial Intelligence (Photo: ABC News)

Artificial Intelligence is advancing at the speed of light. This controversial platform is capable of solving many unknowns in different domains, making predictions, and more. And while it can help you build a resume, paradoxically it can also be a threat to your job, according to Bill Gates.

The co-founder of Microsoft and one of the richest men in the world has said that technology could bring multiple benefits to humanity, such as in the fields of health and education.

The improvement in productivity will be the strongest impact that AI will have on society, since there are several jobs in which human beings have not been able to exploit their full capabilities.

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Check out the list given by the co-founder of Microsoft:

  • Legal secretaries and administrative assistants.
  • Blockchain Engineers
  • Copy Correctors & Markers
  • Court Reporters and Simultaneous Subtitlers
  • News Analysts, Reporters and Journalists
  • Counters
  • Pollsters
  • Writers & Authors
  • Public relations specialists.
Blockchain Engineer
Blockchain engineers at risk from Artificial Intelligence (Photo: pixabay)


Bill Gates, at the ASU+GSV Summit that took place in San Diego, California, highlighted the capabilities demonstrated by Artificial Intelligence tools when it comes to reading and writing, so he assured that the children of the world would receive their classes guided by these trained chatbots, thus replacing teachers in a very few years.

AI will create new levels of fairness. In other words, students will be able to access the learning methods provided by AI, regardless of the economic resources they have. It will help students who can’t afford private one-on-one tutoring,” he said.

The creator of Microsoft said that in a short time of just 18 months, chatbots will be perfected to the point that teachers will be used as teaching assistants.

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