5 Movies that Make you Smarter?

5 movies that empower your brain and make you smarter, according to science

Movies That Make You Smarter

There are those who believe that cinema and television are only distractions and that they take time away from more important or more enriching things, and although that may be the case are very simplistic series and movies or without a good story, there are also cases in which you can learn many things from what you see on the screen, as long as you choose well.

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The truth is that there are very intelligent series, movies that make you think, that challenge you and that put your mind to work while the story unfolds, and just like a good book, they can also do great things for your brain and your intelligence (that’s why Bill Gates, Barack Obama and many other successful characters share their book recommendations, favorite movies and series).

It’s a fact that you’re not going to get smart just by turning on the TV or going to the movies every weekend, but you can do it if you complement all your other efforts with a little cinema, and that’s what psychology and science say.

In fact, sites like the Huffington Post, Entrepreneur and the education platform EduAdvisor ensure that psychological studies have shown that watching movies (in addition to reading certain books) can help intelligence, since we tend to learn more when what we are watching, reading or listening to connects with the side of emotions. And that’s what cinema has.

In addition, some films have been mentioned that have elements that can help us learn important things and develop the different types of intelligence that exist (and it is not only documentaries that present historical facts or a lot of knowledge).

The movies that make you smarter, according to science

Inside Out – Disney+ 

This Pixar film is the story of a girl who moves to a new city where she experiences all kinds of emotional changes. The film takes us inside Riley and shows how her emotions affect her, which leads her to develop tools to better deal with the world around her and the problems that arise.

Many experts say that emotional intelligence is very important and is a key to success, and that’s just what Inside Out proves. Through Riley’s story, we can learn to better deal with and control our own emotions, to understand what triggers them and what we can do to keep them from controlling us.

Ex-Machina – Amazon Prime

Alicia Vikander and Oscar Isaac are the characters of this film where a computer programmer receives the opportunity to spend time with a robot that works through Artificial Intelligence, to determine if it is self-conscious and if its intelligence can imitate that of humans.

According to EduAdvisor, this film teaches many things, from what artificial intelligence really means and the possibilities of technology, to what it means to be human. Ex-Machina also teaches us to see beyond what is in front of us and to realize that reality is not always what we think and we need to question it.

Pi – On Demand

Darren Aronofsky wrote and directed this 1998 film, which tells the story of a mathematician who becomes obsessed with the idea of discovering a number that can change the world and reveal the secrets of the universe (which he can use to predict all sorts of things).

According to Entrepreneur, this movie helps intelligence because it touches on important topics in a more grounded and easy to understand way, it is a film that talks about the use of science to predict all kinds of events and events, but also talks about uncertainty and things that are out of our control.

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Memento – Lionsgate+

This is one of Christopher Nolan’s best films, where he presents his classic formula of telling a story starting at the end. Here we know the story of a man with amnesia, who must put together the pieces of his memory to discover what happened to him, why he has no memory and who is to blame.

It is a film that leads us to think, to use the skills of deduction and connection of clues and ideas to find answers, which is something we can apply to solve all kinds of problems in life. And having a story that moves strangely through time, it also leads to developing attention spans.

The Butterfly Effect – Amazon Prime

This film with Ashton Kutcher leads you to think about the law of probabilities and to think before making a decision, understanding that every action has a consequence, so you have to think about the future and what can happen before.

The film tells the story of a man who has the ability to travel back in time and change things from his past, but, every time something changes, he alters his future and that of everyone around him drastically. Everything is based on Chaos Theory and is a way of understanding what it really means and how it can affect us.




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