11 Movies That Will Give You Strength in the Most Difficult Times

There are times in life when it seems like everything will fall apart on you, when you think problems are beyond you and there is no way to move forward.

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Whether it’s an illness, financial breakdown, heartbreak, or saying goodbye to a loved one, if you live locked in your own perspective and engage in adversity, you won’t be able to see all the goodness that the world has to offer, nor will you realize that there are many good reasons to continue.

We show you some movies to watch in those moments when you feel your soul breaking, with which you will discover that your attitude towards problems is decisive to overcome obstacles.


1. If i stay

Picture of if I decide to stay

Mia is a teenager who is the victim of a car accident in which her parents die and she is left in a coma.

While her body is in the hospital, her soul continues to live in the present a peculiar relationship with Adam, her boyfriend.

The entire plot centers on Mia’s decision between continuing to live or leaving with her parents.

2. Lion / A Way Home

Scene from a Way Home

Saroo is a boy from India who lived with his poor mother in his childhood. When he turns five, he accidentally separates from her and gets lost. He must live on the streets for a while until he is adopted by an Australian couple.

With his adoptive parents, he manages to grow up surrounded by love and comfort in a different culture. When he becomes an adult, he remembers some moments from his previous life that lead him to embark on a journey back to his first home.

3. Irreplaceable you / Y nadie más que tú

scene from Irreplaceable You

Abbie and Sam have loved each other since they were kids, they knew they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together, they’re about to get married, but everything comes crashing down when death crosses their path. Abbie clings to planning Sam’s life before leaving.

4. My Sister’s Keeper / The Hardest Decision

scene from The Toughest Decision

Anne was born as a medicine baby so she could save her sister Kate, who has leukemia.

Sara, Kate’s mother, is willing to do anything, even crossing the moral line to save her.

However, Anne sues her parents for conceiving her just to keep her sister alive.

5. Now is good

scene from Now and Forever

Tessa is a teenager who has been diagnosed with leukemia, after taking treatment for four years she learns that she has no remedy.

Knowing that her end is near, she refuses to spend her last days in hospital, so she makes a list of wishes to fulfill before she dies, one of those is to fall in love; Then she meets the right guy who makes her dream come true.

6. Restless

Scene of restless on the bus

Annabelle is a girl suffering from terminal cancer; she meets a boy named Enoch, whose favorite pastime is attending funerals.

They’re both obsessed with death, which is why they fall in love. Enoch helps Annabelle prepare for her final farewell.

7. Soul Kitchen

scene from Soul Kitchen

Zinos is a young Greek who owns an unpopular and shoddy restaurant in Hamburg. Life seems monotonous until his girlfriend has to leave him, health inspectors start harassing him, and he suffers from pains that prevent him from cooking.

8. Still Alice

scene from Forever Alice

Alice is a fully realized woman: she’s a psychologist, a Harvard professor, married and has three adult children, but her life begins to fall apart when she’s diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

9. The Book Thief

scene from The Book Thief

Leslie is a young girl who moves with her adoptive parents to Germany, right on the eve of World War II.

She learns to read and little by little reading becomes a habit that leads her to steal books. In the midst of misfortune, reading is his only refuge from the outside world.

10. The Fault in Our Stars

Under the Same Star

Hazel and Gus are two teenagers in love who met at a support group for kids with cancer.

Knowing that they have little time left to live, they take advantage of it by making Hazel’s wish to meet her favorite writer come true, so they must embark on a journey in which they will enjoy the greatest adventures.

11. Unconditional

Scene from the movie Unconditional

Samanta is a woman who thought she had the perfect life, is married to a good man, and has her dream job: she writes and illustrates children’s books.

Everything takes a 180-degree turn when her husband is murdered; Then she loses the will to live.

He then reunites with a childhood friend who has become the protector of the neighborhood in which he lives, and teaches him that there are still reasons to continue and that positive change can be made that impacts people’s lives.



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