7 Stories of People Waking Up After Being Declared Dead

Whether due to the age or severity of a patient’s clinical condition, death is often inevitable and doctors have the painful task of communicating bad news, something that for many health professionals becomes commonplace. However, what is not at all common are those patients who are declared clinically dead who suddenly come back to life, and although rare, these cases are more disturbing than you imagine.

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1 – The man who woke up at his own wake.

In Zimbabwe, a group of friends and family said their final goodbyes to a 34-year-old named Brighton Dama Zanthe. In one of the most emotional moments of the wake, when several bystanders volunteered to carry the coffin, Zanthe woke up completely euphoric amid terrifying screams.

Escaping Death

As expected, those present panicked and ran away, believing that the dead man had become a ghost that would haunt them for life. After verifying that Zanthe still belonged to the world of the living, he was transferred to a hospital where the young man recovered from the nervous breakdown.

2 – The grandmother who died and woke up hungry.

Li Xiufeng, a 95-year-old Chinese woman, was found “dead” inside her home. Family members immediately took her to a hospital, where they confirmed that she no longer had vital signs. As tradition dictates, the wake was held at the residence of the deceased herself so that neighbors, family and friends would have no problem attending.

Chinese grandmother returns from the dead

Fortunately for this woman, the coffin was not closed, which made it possible for her to leave after what she described as “a long sleep.” The old lady simply got up from the coffin and went to the kitchen. Realizing that the body of the dead woman was no longer in the place, those present undertook a search in all corners as everything was already organized for the funeral.

So they found Xiufeng in front of the stove, preparing something to eat, as she claimed that when she woke up she was invaded by hunger. Medical staff referred to this case as an “artificial death.”

3 – A heart attack.

In Russia, a nearly 50-year-old woman named Fagilyu Mukhametzyanov was declared clinically dead. A few hours later and already in the middle of the wake, the poor woman woke up inside the coffin and saw her loved ones overwhelmed by grief. Realizing the situation, realizing that if she hadn’t woken up she would be buried alive, the woman panicked and began to scream.

Woman dies at her own wake

That thought alone was so terrifying to his mind that Fagilyu suffered a heart attack and died, this time for good.

4 – Returning from the morgue.

If the story of a person who has been declared dead and suddenly comes back to life already seems surprising, you will surely find fascinating the story of a Russian grandmother who was declared dead twice and returned twice to the world of the living.

Russian Grandmother Who Died Twice

The first time this woman, who must be about to turn 65, paid a visit to Mrs. Death, she spent three days (yes, 72 hours) inside a morgue, and woke up a few minutes before her body was opened for an autopsy.

This is Lyudmila Steblitskaya, an elderly Russian woman who suffers from heart problems and who in October 2012 had her last death, although doctors decided not to declare her clinical death because of the previous evidence, and they were right because the woman came back to life in a matter of hours.

5 – An inopportune denouement.

The little boy in the photograph was pronounced dead of pneumonia at a hospital in the town of Belém do Pará, Brazil, around 7:40 p.m. Upon receiving the body, the child’s family quickly organized a wake at home and decided to hold a vigil for him with an open coffin.

Dead child wakes up in Brazil

When Kelvin Santos’ funeral was an hour away, the little boy woke up, sat down and asked “Dad, can I have a glass of water?” Antonio Santos, the boy’s father, said everyone present started screaming and then witnesses suggested it was a miracle, but the boy lay down again and died, again.

The family took Kelvin’s body to the nearest hospital where they kept him under observation for more than an hour, but they could do absolutely nothing because the child was definitely no longer alive.

6 – Trapped in the morgue.

Can you imagine how traumatic the experience of waking up inside a cold, closed, dark drawer in a morgue must be? This ordeal was faced by a man in Africa whose vital signs vanished after a severe asthma attack.

Morgue drawers

When he was declared clinically dead, the family requested the services of the morgue, which immediately assisted to prepare the young man’s body. After about 20 hours of “death,” he woke up and started screaming for help. The morgue employees were stunned, believing it to be a ghost. Maqolo Ayanda, the owner of the place, confessed that he also panicked but did not want to show weakness to his subordinates.

Of course, instead of opening the drawer and taking out the body, Maqolo ended up calling the police for help. The agents arrived at the morgue armed and by then a crowd of people had already gathered, waiting for the drawer where the ghost resided to open.

When he was finally pulled out, the young man was completely pale but with vital signs. He was taken to a hospital, where he was kept under observation, and after a few days he was definitively discharged. The family learned that their dead man was alive as they made funeral arrangements.

7 – A parent’s instinct.

The girl in the photographs was born at just six months of gestation and was declared clinically dead as doctors found no vital signs. A short time later her body was sent to the morgue and thanks to the insistence of her parents to see their daughter again, she is alive today.

Baby Declared Dead Revives

After more than 12 hours in the morgue, even already inside a box, the little girl breathed again and let out crying. Fortunately, at that very moment his parents were by his side.



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