Turn Your Smartphone into a DIY Microscope for Under Just $10

Whether you like to have fun or examine something you can easily turn your smartphone into a digital microscope to capture some amazing photos for under just $10. By turning your phone’s camera into microscope you can easily take stunning microscopic photos without spending money on expensive microscopes.

turn smartphone into a digital microscope
via Instructables by Yoshinok

A DIY geek at Instructables describes in details how to convert your smartphone camera into a microscope. This is not a phone specific guide but it applies to all phones having a good camera.

All you need is two small pieces of plexiglass, a laser pointer focus lens, LED click light for backlighting, a small wooden board and few nuts & bolts to assemble all this and of course some DIY tactics as shown in the video below. Assembly is straight forward and simple as you can see in the image above.

You can get the clear idea of how this DIY digital microscope works from the image above where plant leaf is being observed. LED light is used for backlighting and smartphone with attached laser pointer lens. Object has to be placed in between the LED light and smartphone at the second glass plate. You can watch the detailed video by Yoshinok for more.

This DIY digital microscope costs you nothing but just $10 and capable of producing magnification up to 375x for microscopic photography.

With everyday advancement in smartphone technologies one day you might have a smartphone with inbuilt microscope.

Source: Instructables

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