What are these little bumps on the keyboard for? See why, no, they’re not braille!

The keyboard has become our faithful confidant friend at all times; Or well, at least for those of us who have to work with him most of the day.

The successor of the sheet and pencil when it appears has a little secret.

Multi-color keyboard

So small, that few have wondered why and some hadn’t even noticed it in their keys. Do you know what the small bumps above the letters F and J are for? Surely, if you are an observer, on more than one occasion you have asked yourself this question.

No, it’s not simple decoration and it’s not for braille either, please have my faith in humanity restored, I hope you haven’t thought about braille.

Bumps on a mac keyboard

Well, to put it bluntly; The purpose of these two lumps, in these letters specifically, is simply so that you can type without looking at the keyboard in a faster and more efficient way.

It’s a small but great capitalist trick to get people to unconsciously handle the keyboard better and be as proactive and productive as possible.


You didn’t expect it, did you! Now to check it out, turn your eyes to the keyboard, if you’re at one, and see how your hands are arranged.

They are automatically positioned in a way where your index fingers rest on these two letters, or at least stay close to the letters F and J, precisely where the marks or bumps are located.


This will make it easier to fit with the other letters on the keyboard, making it easier to memorize the location of each letter. Now, you know the answer to why there are these little bumps on the keyboard.



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