What Happens if You Leave Your Cell Phone Charger Connected All Day

Leaving Cell Phone Charger Connected

Commonly and speciously, when we are in the office or home, we leave the charger of our cell phone connected to the electrical power, even when it is not being used, however, although it seems harmless, this action can generate long-term consequences.

Although it can be tiresome to have to connect and disconnect the charger every time we finish using it, the truth is that doing so guarantees savings to your pocket, greater care for the environment and prolongs the life of the charger itself.


According to the specifications published by the different brands of cell phones, the chargers come with all the necessary features to not suffer any type of damage when they are left connected to electricity, however, in the long term this can change.

It is proven that although the chargers are not powering any device while they are connected, they do consume electrical energy, so this incorrect use of charging could add up slightly in your next electricity bill.

Another disadvantage, which is taken from the previous point, is that because the charger is consuming electrical energy, with the over the course of time and accumulated electricity, it could also affect internal functions, causing the life period of this device to be less than usual.

In the case of non-original chargers, these could present greater consequences such as an overload, which usually occurs itself mostly when the charger begins to heat up, failing in a matter of days or weeks.

What happens if you leave the cell phone connected overnight?

This action generates a greater danger, but technology has allowed some mobile devices to stop consuming electricity when their charge is complete, however, if your cell phone does not have this function, it is important that you do not let cell phone connected overnight.

Letting your cell phone continue to consume electrical energy will not make the battery last longer, it is actually the opposite, because in the long term it will wear out, causing its condition to deteriorate over time.

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