What’s the point of that cylinder in your laptop charger? Its use will surprise you

It could be that you’ve never paid much attention to it, or that it’s just a nuisance that cylinder on the chargers of your laptop, Xbox, Play Station, and other gadgets.

But the reason why they exist is very important, and it goes beyond a simple nuisance.

It is a ferrite core or filter that serves nothing more and nothing less to prevent radio frequencies from other places.

It is a magnetic material that serves to filter the currents and frequencies that pass through our electronic device.

Charger with a broken cable

In a nutshell, it serves to make the charge emitted by your cable to the device more efficient. But if your charger stops supplying the battery quickly, it means that this cylinder is wrong and you need to change the charger.

Electrical energy in the form of radiation reduces the energy supplied, and this is pretty much what’s happening – useless high-frequency radiation in your computer’s battery – that only ends up affecting it.

Destroyed cylender

Simple, this cylinder makes your charger and appliances last longer!

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