Everything You Need to Know Before Buying a Camera

Best camera for youYour life moments captured in stunning pictures speaks forever in your life and to capture those life moments you need a digital camera. Today a wide range of digital cameras are available and every single day a new camera is launched in the market and comes with tons of useful features that enhance you picture. Most of the digital camera today comes with Full HD video recordings.

Choosing a best digital camera that’s perfect for you is a bit of hassle form wide variety of digital cameras but, if you are awake of each and every feature and specification of a digital camera then sure you will have a perfect digital camera in your hands. So take a look at different aspects of digital cameras to select best one for you.

Types of Digital Cameras

Point & Shoot Camera

Point & shoot

First category of digital cameras are compact digital cameras. These are light weight, portable and easy to use cameras. These cameras comes in a wide range from affordable to high end cameras. These cameras are called point & shoot cameras because you don’t need to manually adjust any setting at the time of taking pictures or shooting videos, they comes with auto-features. So anyone with or without knowledge of using camera can use these cameras. These cameras are best for everyday use.

Advanced Compact

Advanced compact camera

These are the advance version of point & shoot cameras loaded with tons of features packed inside a compact body that’s why they are called advanced compact cameras. Even some of the advanced compact cameras comes with GPS & Wi-Fi features to geo-tag your pictures and share then on your favourite site using Wi-Fi. These are good for those who are deeper in photography but not the professional photographer.

Ultra Zoom

UltrazoomAs the name suggests, these cameras packed with a powerful optical zoom. If you do landscape photography more then these cameras are good for you. These comes 20+ optical zoom so, more the zoom more closely you can capture pictures in high resolution. The only thing which differs these cameras from point & shoot cameras are their ultra zoom lense capability.


Waterproof camera

Waterproof cameras are quit different from above three cameras in size, shape and usage. What extra feature these cameras has is a slicker which protects your camera from water or rain. If you are shooting on a beach or in a swimming pool or in rainy conditions then don’t be worry about your camera as it has waterproof body. These cameras are good for underwater, adventure and dust conditions photography.

Pocket HD Cam

Pocket HD cam

Pocket HD Cams are pocket friendly cameras. You need or don’t  be need these camera in different aspects, If you have a smartphone with HD camera then these cameras are wasteful for you but, if you want an HD camera that works in any weather condition and you want to carry with you where ever you go then these pocket HD cams do the job for you. Pocket HD cams also available in waterproof, shockproof and freezeproof models.

Up to this you know the different types of digital cameras. Now the main thing is the features you should consider in digital camera.

Megapixels First

Before megapixels let me tell you what actually pixels are. Pixels are digital picture elements which makes pictures visible to you. It means large number of pixels in a picture produces clear & sharp images and every detail is clearly visible in pictures. In digital camera specification megapixel (MP) specifies the million pixels means, if your camera is of 12MP that means pictures produced by that camera has maximum of 12 million pixels and more the pixels, more clear pictures are.


Resolution is related to pixels. Picture resolution is measured by the number of pixels per inch. More the number of pixels per inch of a picture, more clear picture. Higher resolution pictures don’t loose their quality while zooming in to the pictures for details.

CMOS & CCD Sensors

Everything that works inside digital camera is sensor that captures lights from source and converts it into photos. These two types of sensors are: CMOS (Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor) and CCD (Charge-Coupled Device) sensor.

The function of both sensors are same while there’s a little difference between two. CMOS sensor is good for taking pictures in low light conditions while CCD sensor produces clearer images with little but no noise showing up in your photos. CMOS also provides higher continuous frame rates, so you can take more pictures per second.

GPS & Geotagging

GPS in digital cameras geotag your pictures so that you will remember where you were taken pictures. It’s a good feature for those enjoy travelling.


Wi-Fi feature in digital cameras enables you to sync your digital photos to your computer or on internet wirelessly. You can instantly share your photos with your friends without hooking up wires and upload them to your favourite site. This feature also helps when you are on a trip and don’t have enough memory on memory card to store pictures, there you can upload pictures to favourite site with unlimited storage.

Face Detection

Face detection detects the face shape and automatically adjust the focus of the camera to get the best settings for the shoot. Some cameras also has smile detection feature which only allow camera to take picture when person is smiling.

Camera LCD Screen

LCD screen in camera allow you to preview images you are going to shoot and adjust any effect you want on the picture before pressing the shutter button. Three main factors about camera LCD screen are:

Touch screens are easy to operate and also enlarge the display area by replacing the buttons as touch screen operation hardly require one or two buttons. So you can preview you images better on large touch screen.

Resolution affects how clearly you can see your images on screen. On higher resolution screen image details are better visible as compare to lower resolution screens. Also cameras with ultra zoom capability require high resolution screens because when you zoom on to any object, details of the object may not be visible on lower resolution screens.

Large the screen size, better it is operate and shoot with digital camera

Video Recording

You should buy a 720p HD or 1080p FULL HD video recording capable camera because, buying a digital camera without HD recording is not a worth buying and today even some point & shoot cameras comes with HD video recording at an affordable price.

HD content matters when you played it on HD display like HD TV or HD Monitor. If you play a 720p HD video on a 1080 FULL HD display, you’ll clearly see the difference in picture. There is noise in the picture colors on screen, while if you play a 1080 FULL HD video on a 1080p HD display, picture looks clear and detailed.

Li-ion Battery or AA Size Battery

I recommend you to buy a camera with rechargeable Li-ion battery. Because Li-ion batteries provide more backup to take pictures and videos and also life spam of Li-ion batteries are longer than those of AA  batteries and only low end cameras comes with AA batteries but you should consider it before make a purchase.

The last thing after selecting your digital camera is to check the hands on review. Hands on check clear the pros and cons of specific digital camera. So must check a hands on review before make a purchase.

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