How to Use your Phone from your PC to Save Battery Life and see your Apps on the Big Screen?

Thanks to this free tool you will be able to use the apps from your computer without having your smartphone at hand.

Use Your Phone From Pc

Using your Android phone from your computer or laptop offers advantages that few users know about. For example, you get to see your apps on the big screen, your phone’s battery doesn’t drain compared to handling it directly, and you can use multiple services at the same time. Considering the advantage of everything that this trick offers, here we will tell you how to link your mobile device to your PC for free.

Scrcpy (short for Screen Copy) is the application that allows interaction between the Android smartphone and the computer, and is publicly accessible. Thus, the tool makes it possible to run apps, control cameras and play games using a USB or Wi-Fi connection.

In addition, it offers advanced features such as recording video of the stream and showing which part of the screen the user touches simultaneously.

How to use your phone from PC?

  • On your phone, go to Settings > About phone.
  • Scroll down to the build number and press seven times to unlock developer mode.
  • Find USB and turn on debugging.
  • Connect your device to the PC with a USB cable.
  • Download the file for Windows from this link.
  • Extract the file to your desktop, find the folder and double-click it.
  • Run the scrcpy.exe command and allow the connection on the device.

And voila, that’s it. Now, you will get a two-way communication between the computer and the smartphone. A window will pop up representing the screen of your mobile device and you can use it as if you had it in your hand.



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