7 useful new features that are coming to your Android phone very soon

Google has announced the new features that are coming to Android devices soon

useful new features that are coming to your Android phone very soon
Message editing is one of the new features coming to Android soon

A few days after the doors of Google I/O 2024 closed, the Mountain View company has taken the opportunity to show the world some of the new features that were left in the inkwell. On this occasion, they are changes aimed at the Android operating system, which will soon be reaching millions of devices around the world. Let’s go over them all:

Android gets better with 7 new features for Messages, Google Home, Gboard, and more

In total, there are 7 changes announced by Google in its latest blog post. Among them, there are new features aimed at applications such as Google Home, Gboard or Messages, as well as other changes that will be introduced directly into the operating system.

  1. Editing messages in Google Messages: The Google Messages app will receive the option to edit messages after they’ve been sent, in a similar way to what already exists on Telegram or WhatsApp. Messages can be modified up to 15 minutes after they have been sent.
  2. Instant hotspot: Thanks to this feature, it will be possible to connect an Android tablet or Chromebook to the access point of an Android smartphone with just one touch. In addition, it will be possible to transfer video calls between different devices connected to the same network.
  3. New emoji combinations: Gboard’s built-in “emoji kitchen” is getting a new collection of original emoticons, which you can create by combining different emojis.
  4. New Google Home widget: now available on all Android phones, the new Google Home widget allows you to quickly control devices from your device’s home screen, without having to access the app.
  5. Device control from Wear OS: another new feature of Google Home, in this case in its Android version. Thanks to it, it’s possible to control your home devices through the new Home widget for Wear OS.
  6. PayPal comes to Google Wallet on Wear OS: although it is currently only available in the United States and Germany, it is already possible to add PayPal as a payment method to Google Wallet on watches with Wear OS.
  7. More cars compatible with the digital key: For some time now, Google Wallet has allowed you to add a digital key to unlock some cars. Now, new models from Mercedes Benz, MINI and Polestar support this functionality.
The new Google Home widget for Android devices
The new Google Home widget for Android devices

The new Android features will gradually roll out to all supported devices. In most cases, all you have to do is install the latest available updates from apps like Google Home, Wallet, or Gboard to be able to enjoy them.



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