Don’t expect to see hardware at WWDC 2024, it will be an event focused on new software

Apple wouldn’t unveil new products at WWDC 2024, only new versions of operating systems

WWDC 2024 will be an event focused on new software
WWDC 2024 will be held on June 10

While new products have occasionally been unveiled during WWDC, this year won’t be the case. On June 10 we will only see the new versions of the operating systems, so it will be an event focused solely and exclusively on the new software, something that we could imagine given all the news that is expected.

As Mark Gurman has indicated in the latest installment of his official bulletin, Power On, he doesn’t expect Apple to release new hardware of any kind at WWDC 2024, nor does an Apple TV. He has commented on this because in the past he stated that we would see a new model during the first half of 2024.

Not Apple TV or Other Products: WWDC 2024 Will Focus on Software

While Mark Gurman has indicated in the past that Apple would launch a new Apple TV during the first half of 2024, he now says that a new model doesn’t seem imminent, despite the last one being released in 2022. If we go through the archive, these are the dates when the previous models have been released:

  • Third generation of Apple TV 4K: October 2022.
  • Second generation Apple TV 4K: April 2021.
  • First-generation Apple TV 4K: September 2017.
  • Apple TV HD: September 2015.
  • Third generation of Apple TV: March 2012.

The new Apple TV is expected to arrive with an improved processor, as well as a lower price. Other rumours have suggested that it would include a built-in camera, but that seems to be falling by now. Currently, the Apple TV is very well established and the company could wait a little longer before launching a new model.

In addition, in the latest installment of his newsletter, the analyst pointed out that iOS 18 would also arrive with changes to the Control Center, with a new widget for Apple Music, as well as revamped controls for HomeKit-compatible accessories. On the other hand, the Settings app would also be revamped, with a cleaner interface and an improved search engine.

In short:

  1. Apple won’t be unveiling hardware at WWDC 2024 as it will be a software-focused event.
  2. Rumors about a new Apple TV have changed: we won’t see it anytime soon.
  3. The new Apple TV model is expected to have a new processor and a lower price.
  4. iOS 18 would also include changes to the Control Center and Settings app.


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