If you want this free forever Steam game, take advantage of these last few hours to claim it

You have until this afternoon to be able to claim forever this great game that they offer us from Steam

this free forever Steam game
Steam gives away this game for free forever, but for a very limited time

It is more than normal that, despite the fact that here we focus more on the current situation of mobile gaming, we leave you with some list of new free games that can be obtained forever on Steam for an unlimited time or with the new titles that are given away from the Epic Games Store every week. However, we also like to look at those zero-cost proposals that are given away from Valve’s own platform for a specific time, as is the case of 100% Orange Juice, a title that could be obtained at no cost until yesterday, May 22.

On the other hand, Valve’s PC game store currently has another free video game that can be claimed forever for a very limited time. We’re talking about Endless Legend, which will no longer be free today and will be when it returns to its usual price of $24.99 in the aforementioned store. Therefore, you still have time to get your hands on the game from AMPLITUDE Studios and SEGA without having to pay anything, and thus keep it in your Steam game library forever, as the promotion ends today, May 23 at 13:00 NYT.

Download FREE Endless Legend on Steam

Last Hours to Claim Endless Legend on Steam Forever

Endless Legend is a turn-based 4x fantasy strategy game from the creators of Endless Space and Dungeon of the Endless. Control every aspect of your civilization as you fight to save your home, Charioteer. Create your own legend!”, this is how we are presented with this great proposal on Steam. “Another dawn, another day of effort. We need to grow food, build industries, advance science and magic, and create wealth. And all of this is urgent, as your planet accumulates a history of inexplicable apocalypses and the winter you just survived has been the worst in living memory. A fact that has been repeated in the previous five.”

“As you delve deeper into the lost secrets of your world and the mysteries of the legends and ruins that exist in both reality and imagination, you’ll discover that you’re not alone. Other peoples yearn to survive, to grow, and, perhaps, to conquer. You’ve got a city, a loyal population, and a few soldiers – your power and magic should be enough to keep them alive. But other than that, there is no certainty… Where will you go, what will you find, how will you react? Will it be a bed of roses or thorns?” they add.

Download FREE Endless Legend on Steam

If you want more details about the title that stars in this post, you can always take a look at its Steam page and our original post, which is linked above. Having said all this, it remains to remember that there are only a few hours left to be able to claim this Endless Legend for free and forever, since today at 13:00 (New York City Time) this promotion will no longer be available and will return to its usual price of $24.99 in Valve’s PC game store.



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