PlayStation intends to create its own platform for mobile devices, according to this job posting

Everything points to Sony’s investment in the mobile gaming market now being even greater and they are looking to get fully into it

PlayStation intends to create its own platform for mobile devices
PlayStation looks like it’s looking to have its own mobile game store

It is undeniable that the big companies in the world of video games are increasingly clear that they want to enter the market of games for smartphones, as is the case of Microsoft, which recently confirmed that Xbox would have its own store of mobile titles on Android and iOS in the month of July. The intention of the Redmond team to enter a market such as mobile games, which has been one of the main engines of the industry for a long time, we have known for a long time. However, this is not the only one that wants to expand into this sector.

We’re talking about Sony, which created a mobile gaming division for PlayStation some time ago, but so far we’ve not exactly seen results, although this could change sooner rather than later. Apparently, the Japanese are in the process of hiring staff and investing more in mobile gaming. To be exact, the company is in the midst of looking for a mobile platform architect, which suggests the creation of a platform dedicated to the development and operation of free-to-play mobile games.

Sony looks to create a platform for PlayStation mobile devices

As we said, Sony’s commitment to the mobile games market seems increasingly clear with this new job offer, one that does not seem to suggest a kind of reinvention of the current PS App for smartphones, but rather a new platform that complements and is more focused on offering titles specifically for Android and iOS. In the job posting itself, it is stated that the job responsibilities include designing the system architecture and backend services for the platform, improving security and performance.

PS5 games on your mobile PlayStation

In addition to the development and publication of games, the company would also seek to integrate PlayStation’s classic services, which indicates that this supposed PlayStation mobile game store would be one more expansion within the current ecosystem made up of consoles and the proposals that are coming to PC, the latest of them being Ghost of Tsushima. Undoubtedly, everything seems to point in the direction that Sony seeks to bet heavily on the sector with this move, one that adds to its previous acquisitions of studios such as Firesprite and Valkyrie Entertainment.

With this future platform, Sony would seek, as we said, the implementation of free mobile games and “ensure that all mobile games meet PlayStation quality standards”. This could mean the arrival of free versions of zero-cost proposals of some of its major licenses or games from these franchises specially designed for that platform. It also remains to be seen if this implies that there will only be free to play in the supposed store or there will be more variety.

If this ends up materializing, it would not take too long to see two of the great giants of the video game industry, such as Microsoft and Sony, fully entering the mobile gaming sector, an area that has always resisted them a little and that is valued at 90,000 million dollars. Of course, it seems that this time is the right one and PlayStation will be able to evaluate the first steps of the Xbox game store for Android and iOS, since it will be launched next July, to then offer a boosted competition.

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