Ballad of Antara, a game that was presented at Sony’s latest State of Play, is coming to PS5, PC and mobile

This game was presented at Sony’s last State of Play and grabbed a lot of attention

Ballad of Antara game is coming to PS5 PC and mobile
One of the most striking details of this game is in a setting reminiscent of Elden Ring

Ballad of Antara, the video game presented at the recent PlayStation State of Play event, and which involved its arrival on the PS5, will also arrive on mobile phones and PCs, thus confirming that it will be a cross-platform game. This game, whose trailer revealed the inspiration of great games such as Elden Ring, is scheduled to arrive in 2025.

The free-to-play proposal of Ballad of Antara

Ballad of Antara, a title that has come to light in recent days, is developed by TipsFold Studio, and will be distributed by INFOLD. It’s going to be an action game where you’ll have to be careful with every step you take to repair the devastated world, because you never know where a lethal enemy might be hiding.

As for the setting of this game, you can appreciate certain elements that, by design, make many environments feel similar to what Elden Ring did with the Lands Between, with spacious scenarios, of great aesthetic value, but at the same time ominous and threatening. All of this, in fact, can be seen in the trailer that was shown at the recent State of Play.

Mobile phones are becoming more and more important in the world of video games

This move makes it clear that mobile phones are becoming increasingly important to the video game industry. They have shown that, in addition to being a market with many users, it can also be a very prolific environment economically, as some of the most popular “gachas”, such as Genshin Impact, Honkai: Star Rail or Wuthering Waves, know. Free-to-play is becoming more and more widespread in the industry, and showing more and more complete experiences, even without the need to spend money.

Ballad of Antara still has a long way to go, as it will not be available until 2025, but considering that it will be playable on PlayStation 5 as well as on PC and mobile phones, there is no doubt that they have a very ambitious approach in mind and that many users will be eager to know more details as its release date approaches.



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