These are all the AI features coming to iOS 18

In this article, we compile all the AI features that would come to the iPhone with iOS 18

These are all the AI features coming to iOS 18
The 10 AI features coming to iPhone

iOS 18 will be a version full of Artificial Intelligence, something that is already an open secret. Almost every native app will benefit from it, as well as the system itself and Siri, which will be much smarter than it is now. Specifically, 10 big AI features are coming to iOS 18, at least as far as we know so far.

As indicated by analyst Mark Gurman in the latest installment of his Power On newsletter, WWDC 2024 will be focused on the Artificial Intelligence features of iOS 18,all of which are developed for the vast majority of users, with the aim of integrating them into their day-to-day lives.

Let’s remember that native apps, for example, might have some more professional features, but all of them are intended to be easy for all users to use. And the same will happen with the AI features that will come to the Photos app, Safari, Spotlight or Siri itself.

Here are the 10 AI features iOS 18 would have

Here are the 10 AI features coming to iOS 18 according to analyst Mark Gurman. All of them had already been leaked, but this list puts them all together in order to have an overview of what we could see on June 10 at WWDC 2024:

  1. Photo editing through Artificial Intelligence, which could improve the automatic editing option we have today.
  2. Transcribe audio to text in the Voice Memos app.
  3. Auto-generate replies for messages and emails.
  4. A new tool capable of creating custom emojis based on the context of a conversation.
  5. Improvements to Spotlight search results.
  6. Search assistant in Safari to improve results.
  7. Improvements to Siri that would make it more conversational and the ability to have conversations with it.
  8. A version of Siri optimized for the Apple Watch.
  9. Notification summaries.
  10. Improvements to Xcode for developers.

A hybrid system will be used to execute these functions, which means that the less demanding functions will be processed on the devices, being fast and private. On the other hand, those that need more power will be processed in the cloud. Apple plans for some of these features to be under the beta label, at least at first. This isn’t a new thing, as it has done in the past with features like Universal Control on macOS.

It is also expected that iOS 18 will arrive with customization options to the home screen with which users will be able to place the icons wherever they prefer, being able to leave blank spaces and following the imaginary grid that we have today. In addition, it would also allow you to change the color of app icons, something that can only be done with the Shortcuts app at present.



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