5 Real-Life Dolls That Became Famous On The Internet

Dolls possess a strange power of attraction over girls. To some extent it’s normal, but what happens if that attraction becomes an unhealthy obsession as they get older? Some older women seem to be so enamored with dolls that they want to look exactly like their playmates.

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These are the stories of five girls who have achieved great fame on the Internet by looking exactly like dolls. We’re not sure if it’s because of makeup, Photoshop, plastic surgery, natural beauty, or a combination of the four. We don’t know whether to call their appearance innocent or creepy, we’ll let you be the judge.



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The 16-year-old, whose photographs spread on social media and especially among Asian and Arab websites, due to her uncanny resemblance to a doll. Although she appears to be quite an internet celebrity, many of her detractors claim that it is Photoshop. But on the contrary, Dakota Rose or Kotakoti, she has a lot of fans who literally adore her.

She is often called the real-life Barbie, but although she looks very beautiful just like a doll, she doesn’t bear much resemblance to a Barbie doll rather looking like the work of some Japanese anime artist.

Venus Angelic.

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Venus Angelic is a 15-year-old girl originally from London whose bizarre YouTube videos have made her an internet sensation. Her videos are tutorials on how to apply makeup to look exactly like an Asian doll, or BJD (Ball Jointed Doll). Venus Angelic lived in Japan for two years and fell in love with Japanese anime. There’s nothing wrong with making a makeup tutorial, but you really have to watch this to understand why it’s considered so weird, by some.

Wang Jiayun.

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Wang is a 17-year-old Chinese student, who became famous overnight in the Korean and Chinese blogosphere about a year ago, precisely because of her doll-like appearance. Her photographs receive more than a million views a day. She was immediately nicknamed “Qi Chong Wa Wa,” which in English means “inflatable doll.” Later, the secret to Wang’s appearance was revealed – makeup and Photoshop editing. Her natural images were leaked across the internet recently, which greatly disappointed her male fans and earned her severe criticism.

However, Wang continues to post photos of her in her doll-like appearance on her very popular Facebook page.

Russian Barbie.

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Another one of our posts, for us this girl from Russia is still the real-life Barbie. Even though not much is known about her, not even her name, her images are very popular on the internet. She is our favorite because in some of her photographs she achieves the expressionless looks characteristic of any doll.


Real Life Dolls (5)

The aforementioned real-life dolls are all very young, but Angelyne is probably the original version of a real-life Barbie. Unfortunately, reality has its downside and the years have left their mark on this Los Angeles icon. She drives a pink Corvette, dresses in pink, and it’s a very rare sight these days.

Although time hasn’t been very kind to Angelyne, she still retains that doll-like look.



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