5 Records That Have Never Been Broken

For the past 65 years, the Guinness Book of World Records has documented and catalogued in an annual publication all manner of feats, achievements, and quirky information about the world and people. In all this time, most of the records were broken and updated with some regularity after the first registration.

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However, there is a small group of undefeated brands. And while it’s possible that they could one day surpass them, the following records have held steady since the day they were set.

1 – Ashrita Furman: The record-breaking champion.

For many of the individuals looking to set or beat a record, a single occasion is enough to boost the ego and have something to brag about at family dinners. However, Ashrita Furman’s goal is to break as many records as possible. This guy holds the record for the most records broken in history. Over the past three decades, Furman has surpassed more than 600 records.

As we mentioned in the first paragraph, most records are broken with some regularity, so currently this man only has about 200 in force. This does not detract from his exploits and is proof of the ridiculous number of strange trademarks recorded by Guinness.

The first time he broke a record, he performed 27,000 jumping jacks in 6 hours and 45 minutes. And since then he couldn’t stop. He has broken hundreds of records: turning the most torches on and off in one minute, swinging a chainsaw on his chin, the most arrows broken with his neck in a minute, and a great etcetera. He amassed so many records that hardly anyone else would devote so much time and energy to beating him, although anything is possible.

2 – Robert Wadlow: The Tallest Man.

There are currently numerous cases of gigantism around the world, but none to surpass the greatest giants in history. According to medical records, the tallest person ever born was Robert Wadlow. Although he came into the world with an average height and weighing almost 4 kilograms, Wadlow continued to grow until he reached 2.72 meters tall in adulthood.

Robert Wadlow in 1937
Robert Wadlow in 1937.

Tragically, his condition only allowed him to live to the age of 22, and doctors believe he would have continued to grow if he had lived longer.

Zeng Jinlian, the tallest woman in history.

The tallest woman recorded in history is Zeng Jinlian, a native of Yujiang Village in China’s Hunan Province. He died in 1982, at the age of 17 and a height of 2.46 meters. Jinlian’s abnormal growth began at four months of age, reaching 1.56 meters tall by his fourth birthday.

By the time she turned 13, the girl was already over 2 meters tall. Although she maintains her mark in the “Guinness Book of World Records” as the tallest woman in history, others took that place by standing out as the tallest women on the planet at the time they were recorded.

3 – Brower Minnoch: the fattest man.

Most of the people in this book seek to set records, but other times things are different. Such was the case with Jon Brower Minnoch, who set the record for the heaviest human to date. Minnoch’s entire life translates into a constant battle against being overweight: by the age of 12 he already weighed 133 kg. A decade later, at 1.85 meters tall, he weighed 230 kg. In the worst moment of his life, Minnoch weighed 635 kg.

Brower Minnoch

Obviously, Minnoch’s weight led to an accelerated decline in his health, and doctors determined that all that extra weight was due to a condition in which his body was generating excess fluids. After a hospitalization that lasted more than a year, the man lost 419 kg. This latest feat almost leads him to surpass another record by placing himself as the second person who has lost the most weight in history.

Unfortunately, a year later he regained much of the weight lost and within a few months he died with an estimated weight of 262 kilograms.

4 – John D. Rockefeller: The Richest Man.

This year, Jeff Bezos is listed as the richest man on the planet with an estimated fortune of $146.9 billion. Although we are talking about a ridiculously high amount of money, you should know that it is not the greatest personal wealth held by a single person in history, of course, as long as we make the inflationary adjustments.

John D. Rockefeller bust

The fortune that surpasses that of Jeff Bezos was amassed by a man named John D. Rockefeller, a tycoon who came to control 90% of oil production in the United States. By 1913, his personal fortune amounted to $900. If we adjust this amount for inflation and add up the wealth he owned at the time of his death in 1937, we find that Rockefeller’s fortune amounted to $418 billion in today’s values.

No other human being in the history of this planet amassed such a gigantic personal fortune, although it is certainly difficult to compare him with characters like Mansa Musa. That’s why John D. Rockefelle holds the title of the richest person in modern history. In 2006, Forbes magazine declared Rockefeller the richest person in history by adjusting his fortune to $305.3 billion, and the amount has been steadily increasing ever since.

5 – Shridhar Chillal: the longest nails.

Shridhar Chillal is a man originally from Pune, India, who holds the record for the longest nails on the planet. The feat required him not to cut his nails for 66 years. Obviously, maintaining nails of this size practically rendered his hand useless, so he used his right hand to perform as many tasks as possible. When she finally decided to cut her nails, they were 909.6 cm long.

Chillal stopped cutting his nails when he was 14, after a teacher reprimanded him for breaking a nail. Maintaining nails of this length is not easy, and the man suffered from pain and difficulty sleeping. In the end, she agreed to cut her long nails to be displayed at Ripley’s Believe It or Not! museum in Times Square.



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