5 Best Worldwide Online Money Transfer Services

Money is like a flow and it is in various forms from country-to-country. As the world is divided into different countries and each country has their specific currency e.g. US Dollar (US), Yuan (CHINA), Indian Rupee (INDIA), British Pound (UK) etc.

Currencies are exchanged for goods and services worldwide. You can also send and receive money using your local bank if the service is provide by your bank . But in some situations you need to send or receive money in country-specific currency. There you can use these online payment processing services with other great services offered which your local bank not providing you. Why online payment processing service is better than other services, because your money transfer is fast, secure, paperless and also very less charges for transfer or even free up-to a specific limit.

There’s various online payment processing services which helps you to make world like a hometown in terms of sending and receiving money. So here’s 5 best online money transfer services with different services.


PaypalPaypal is a e-commerce service basically used by merchants for sending and receiving money worldwide. Even big online stores uses Paypal as payment processer for receiving payments from their customers. For you all you have to do is just sign-up with Paypal and enter your local bank account details to verify your identity and you’re done here. Once you are verified by Paypal right that you’re ready to send and receive money worldwide. You just need an email address to receive or send money.

Moneybookers (Skrill)

SkrillMoneybookers (Skrill) is another good option for sending and receiving money easily worldwide. Why I called it easily because, with Moneybookers you can send money as quickly as sign-up for free account, enter amount and hit send. Yes, it’s that fast. Second good thing about Moneybookers is it’s very less fees. It doesn’t need long procedure of bank verification like Paypal.


EntroplayPlus point about Entropay is that you can get a free Virtual Visa card at Entropay. By this way you can spend money anywhere where only credit card is acceptable and also for free. You are only charged when you load money to your Entropay card and return money to your personal credit or debit card from Entropay card. Entropay offers you a way to spend money if don’t want to expose your personal credit card details on casinos or any other places.


WorldremitWorldRemit support sending and receiving money to most of countries but they lack in the services merchants. A person can easily and instantly transfer funds anytime without any agent or any paper work just by an internet-based computer. Funds are immediately available for collection or credited to mobile accounts of recipients.


DixipayDixipay offers you Prepaid Card and Premium MasterCard which are worldwide acceptable at millions of locations. Using Dixipay you can send send and receive money fast and easy and transfer money to your friends or family. Dixpay offers account in multiple currencies. You can easily send and receive money from an easy to use UI.

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