5 Surprising Examples of Drones Used in Domestic Delivery

Don’t be surprised seeing unmanned drone at your doorstep delivering pizza or parcels within next few years because Amazon and Dominos already tested the concept of drone delivery system where drone successfully delivered the parcel in less than 30 minutes. And these are not the only companies researching the system of unmanned aerial vehicles delivery, but more and more E-Commerce will harness the concept due to fast delivery of packages in customer’s hand.

And, below are the test videos of successful pizza deliveries and parcel delivery using multi-rotor unmanned drones in the world.

These are promotional test videos of this innovative concept before actually starting using on regular basis. It will take few years so companies can start using drones on regular basis.

Pizza Delivery Using Unmanned Drone, India

A restaurant named ‘Francesco’s Pizzeria’ successfully delivered the pizza 1.5km away at the rooftop of a skyscraper. It’s the first of its kind pizza delivery in India through a drone. It seems a test delivery by the restaurant and they are not using it for regular basis now but in the near future this may be the faster and time saver delivery option for domestic outlets.

Amazon Prime Air, Package Delivery Using Unmanned Octocopter, USA

Amazon is working on ‘Amazon Prime Air’, an unmanned octocopter package delivery system. Amazon revealed successful delivery of package using octocopter in December, 2013. Amazon started working on  Amazon Prime Air to deliver packages into customers’ hands in 30 minutes or less using unmanned aerial vehicles and expecting unmanned drone delivery system in action sometime in 2015 when FAA change its rules and regulations of flying unmanned aerial vehicles.

Video of ‘Amazon Prime Air’ delivering package: Amazon Prime Air

Amazon Prime Air package delivery system

Dominos Pizza Delivery Drone (DomiCopter), UK

In June 2013, Dominos test drive the DomiCopter pizza delivery in United Kingdom. Unmanned drone successfully delivered the pizza to the destination and whole test delivery was recorded with multiple cameras. Footage shows the DomiCopter delivering Dominos pizza in company’s Heatwave bag.

Video of DomiCopter delivery pizza: Introducing the Domino’s DomiCopter!

Domino's pizza delivery drone

InCake UFO Delivery Service, China

InCake bakery in the mainland Shanghai, China launched the commercial drone delivery system in Jyly 2013 and China could be the first country that using unmanned aerial vehicles for domestic package delivery. But flying drones in the inhabited areas still requires approval from local civil authorities in China. Below is the video of InCake UFO in action.

InCake UFO Delivery Service

InCake UFO delivery video

DHL Paketkopter (Package copter) Delivery Drone, Germany

Deutsche Post DHL courier service tested the drone delivery service where a quad-rotor deliver the medicines from pharmacy to the company’s headquarters. Drone delivery was tested to deliver food and medicines without road access and has a range of about 0.6 mile range and carry 6.6 pounds of payload.

DHL Parcel-Copter (Paketkopter) Delivery Test
Germany DHL drone delivery testing

While drone delivery is still not the prominent way of package delivery because of rules and regulations of flying unmanned aerial vehicles, but the days are not so far when you will see drones deliver packages to you doorstep.



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