9 Things That Were Used Before Toilet Paper Existed

Imagine that you are peacefully sitting on the toilet, enjoying a magazine, a good book or simply watching the funny videos on your cell phone while you whatsapp with your mom. Suddenly, you begin to feel that characteristic tingling in your leg that reminds you that outside the bathroom you have a life; That cramp indicates that you’ve been in the bathroom too long… So you look high and low for your padded ally, but he’s not there! There’s no paper! You ask your slave, that is, your brother, and when he brings it to you you stop looking at it for a couple of seconds and think: what would he do without you? And that, folks, is a question you’ll never look at the same way again.

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Have you ever thought about what people used to clean themselves with before toilet paper existed? Here are some of the ancient and repulsive materials that in ancient times passed through the human butt to clean it; For the record, we don’t say it, this is the arduous result of research done by a French anthropologist named Philippe Charlier, who was also very intrigued by this mystery.


1. Live geese… and other fluffy animals


This reference has been found in pictorial and literary works, in which the subject is treated in a comical way, but as they say: between jokes and jokes, the sad truth of the goose appears.

2. Sponge on a stick

Sponge on a stick

This was a much more decent option, and was usually used by the Romans. How clever!

3. Wet Ropes


Salty sea water was known for its many benefits when it came to cleaning and disinfecting; That’s why sailors cleaned themselves with wet ropes.

4. Leaves

Ground Leaves

In some ancient civilizations, people had to cleanse themselves with what they found in nature… sometimes leaves from trees, and if not, a little dirt had to be poured in.

5. Cobs

Philippe Charlier

The delicious corn, the one you love to eat because a lot of nutritious foods are derived from it… It was also used to clean buttocks. Pure freshness from the garden!

6. Ceramic Chunks


When a precious vase broke, our ancestors preferred to reuse it in other matters, rather than throw it away.

7. Old Clothes

Philippe Charlier

Even the most worn-out and ugly clothes continued to be useful. What eco-friendly thinking!

8. Magazines


As communication modernized and journalism was established, many magazines took on a different purpose after being read.

9. Hands

Filthy Hands

And well, no way, due to lack of resources… Many people had no choice but to get their little hands a little dirty.

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