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Hotkeys, or keyboard shortcuts, are a useful way of speed up navigating your way around Windows 10, especially if you are using a laptop and touch pad. Many users know basic Hotkey combinations, such as Ctrl + C and Ctrl Alt + Tab, but there are literally hundreds more to learn, These let you do everything from Snap windows left or right, to switching between Virtual Desktops. Here are some of the most useful Hotkeys for everyday use.

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Basic Hotkeys

Ctrl-I-C : Copy the selected item
Ctrl+X : Cut the selected item
Ctrl+V: Paste the selected item
Ctrl+Z : Undo an action
Alt+Tab: Switch between open apps
Alt+F4 : Close an active item, or exit an app
Windows key + L : Lock your PC or switch accounts
Windows key + D : Display and hide the desktop
Shift+Delete : Delete item without moving to Recycle Bin

Snap Hotkeys

Windows key + Up Arrow : Maximize current window
Windows key + Down Arrow : Restores window size
Windows key + Left Arrow : Snaps current window to the left
Windows key + Right Arrow : Snaps current window to the right
Windows key + 2 Arrow Keys : Snaps current window into one corner

Typing Hotkeys

Ctrl+ C : Copy the selected item
Ctrl + D : Delete the selected item and move it to me Recycle Bin
Ctrl + R : Refresh the active window
Ctrl + V : Paste the selected item
Clrl+Y : Redo an action
Ctrl+ Z : Undo an action
Ctrl + Right arrow : Move the cursor to the beginning of the next word
Ctrl + Left arrow : Move the cursor to the beginning of the previous word
Ctrl + Down arrow : Move the cursor to the beginning of the next paragraph
Ctrl+ Up arrow : Move the cursor to the beginning of the previous paragraph
Ctrl + Shift with an arrow key : Select a block of text

Taskbar Hotkeys

Shift + click a taskbar button : Open an app or quickly open another instance of an app
Ctrl+ Shift + click a taskbar button : Open an app as an administrator
Shift + right-click a taskbar button : Show the window menu for the app
Shift + right-click a grouped taskbar button : Show the window menu for the group
Ctrl + click a grouped taskbar button : Cycle through the windows of the group

File Explorer Shortcuts

File explorer is your main interface for organizing the files you store of your PC. Here are some useful shortcuts to speed up operations.

Alt + D : Selects the address bar
Ctrl + E and Ctrl + F : Select the search box
Ctrl + N : Open a new window
Ctrl + W : Close the current window
Ctrl + mouse scroll wheel : Toggles through folder size and layout options
Ctrl + Shift + E : Display all the folders above the selected folder
Ctrl + Shift + N : Create a new folder
Num Lock + asterisk (*) : Display all sub-folders under the selected folder
Num Lock + plus (+) : Display the contents of the selected folder
Num Lock + minus (-) : Collapse the selected folder
Alt + P : Display the preview pane
Alt + Enter : Opens the Properties dialogue box
Alt + Right arrow : View the next folder
Alt + Up arrow : view the folder in which the current folder is contained
Alt + Left arrow or Backspace : View the previous folder
Right arrow : Display the current or select the first sub-folder
Left arrow : Collapse the current selection or select the folder it was in
End key : Display the bottom of the active window
Home key : Display the top of the active window
F11 : Maximize or minimize the active window

Dialog Box Shortcuts

Sometimes you may need to open and use a Windows dialog box when you don’t have access to the mouse or trackpad. For these times there are keyboard shortcuts to help.

Ctrl + Tab : Move to the right through tabs
Ctrl + Shift + Tab : Move to the left through tabs
Ctrl + number (1-9) : Move to the corresponding tab
Tab : Move forward through the dialogue options
Shift + Tab : Move backwards through the options
Alt + underlined letter : Perform the command corresponding to that letter
Spacebar : Select or clear a checkbox Arrow keys: Select a button

Cortana Hotkeys

Windows Key + Q : Open up Cortana ready for voice input.
Windows Key + S : Open up Cortana ready for typed input.
Windows Key + I : Open up the Windows 10 settings pane.
Windows Key +A : Open up Windows 10 notifications (Action Center).
Windows Key + X : Open the Start button context menu {the one with easy access to Command Prompt, etc.)

Display Hotkeys

Windows Key + Prt.Scr : Take a screenshot saved to your Pictures folder.
Windows Key + G : Open the Game DVR recorder (if supported by your graphics card).
Windows Key + Alt+G : Start recording activity in the current window.
Windows Key + Alt+R : Stop recording in the Game DVR.
Windows Key + P : Switch between display modes (with a secondary display connected).
Windows Key + plus : Zoom in using the Magnifier utility.
Windows Key + minus : Zoom out using the Magnifier utility.

Desktop Hotkeys

Windows key + Home : Minimize all but the active desktop window
Windows key + Shift+Up arrow : Stretch the desktop window to the top and bottom of the screen
Windows key + Shift+Down arrow : Restore desktop windows vertically, maintaining width
Windows key + Shift + L arrow or R arrow : Move window from one monitor to another
Windows key + Spacebar : Switch input language and keyboard layout
Windows key + Ctrl + Spacebar : Change to a previously selected input
Windows key + Enter : Open Narrator
Windows key + forward slash : Initiate IME reconversion
Windows key + plus or minus : Zoom in or out using Magnifier
Windows key + Esc : Exit Magnifier

New Windows Hotkeys

Windows key + A : Open Action Center
Windows key + S : Open search
Windows key + C : Open Cortana in listening mode
Windows key + I : Opens the new Windows 10 Settings menu.
Windows key + X : Opens a system context menu.
Windows key + H : Open the Share charm
Windows key + T : Cycle through apps on the taskbar
Windows logo key + comma : Peek at the desktop
Windows key + Tab : Open Task View
Windows key + Ctrl + D : Add a virtual desktop
Windows key + Ctrl + Right Arrow : Switch to virtual desktop on the right
Windows key + Ctrl + Left Arrow : Switch to virtual desktop on the left
Windows key + Ctrl + F4 : Close the virtual desktop you’re using

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