A video shows what it’s like to fix an iPad Pro with M4, and there are a few surprises

Apple Could Be Changing Its Policy of Making Things Difficult

Ipad Pro
iPad Pro – APPLE

Apple isn’t usually the friendliest company in terms of repair options for third parties (or for the users themselves). However, the M4 iPad Pro is starting to change this. This time, in a video showing the process of disassembling the tablet, everything seems to be simpler than before. And this is good news.

The recording in which you can see the process we are talking about comes from Phone Repair Guru, a YouTube channel specialized in repairing smartphones, tablets and other electronic devices. In the video in question, a 13-inch M4 iPad Pro opens up to reveal its interior and show how Apple has managed to cram so much technology into such a thin device.

It should be recalled that the new 13-inch iPad Pro was announced on May 7, 2024 at Apple’s Let Loose event. During the launch, the company showed off the new M4 chip and OLED display. In addition, he indicated that the device has a thickness of only 5.1 millimeters, this being one of the great surprises that Apple had in store.

What you can see in the iPad Pro with M4 video

The new iPad Pro includes an internal shield that protects the motherboard and adds strength to the device, preventing future problems with the chassis (i.e. it doesn’t bend easily… something Apple has learned well). This addition makes it quite difficult to get the tablet vertically modified, as it wasn’t possible to do so even after applying significant pressure (although the screen seal was damaged). However, the team quickly relented when it folded horizontally, as the USB Type-C port was shown to be the weak point.

In addition to providing resistance, the aforementioned shield also helps dissipate heat from the powerful M4 – and other components of the tablet. Another positive feature of the new device is that it uses the Apple logo on the back of the iPad to reduce heat. This is because this element contains copper, which allows it to extract heat from the SoC and send it into the air channel.

We have to be careful…

The tablet’s advantage in terms of ease of repair could be affected if the company decides to have everything to do with the device run in series — making repairs difficult without using genuine Apple parts. Although this is logical in crucial components such as the motherboard, the ideal is that this does not happen with all components so that the progress is effective in terms of simpler repairs.

Ipad Pro 1
iPad Pro – APPLE

The 13-inch iPad Pro M4 represents a nice change, especially for consumers who believe in their right to repair their devices. With this tablet, Apple seems to be taking a step in the right direction for them without a doubt. We hope that other companies will follow suit, allowing cheaper repairs that help to be able to use high-end equipment for much longer without repairs being a handicap for it.

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