6 Leadership Ideas that will Teach you How to Work as a Team

According to Bill Gates these are the leadership principles that will help you work as a team

Leadership Ideas
A good team should function as a great system, each supporting each other and with a strong leader. Photo: Unsplash

In the broad entrepreneurship market, a large part of success lies in teamwork. For this same reason it is essential to master it in any aspect within a company. A good team should function as a great system, each supporting each other and with a strong leader. These are the six leadership ideas that, according to Bill Gates, all teams should follow.

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1. Ask for feedback and listen

The triumph of a leader is the same as that of the whole team. To reach the top a good leader relies on his team and vice versa. For this reason, we must always listen to the suggestions of others, in order to evaluate the skills and strengths that we sometimes do not recognize. The key is to let the comments be exposed and know how to react, because if we take a defensive position it will make people not share their experiences again and that can discredit a leader.

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2. Establish trust and earn it

According to Gates, to establish trust you have to put the needs of others on the team before your own and be transparent with the team. Trust is more likely to be lost if we fail in honesty. Honesty does not mean sharing everything, there must be certain discretions that can be referred to in private.

3. Ensure transparency and accountability

Transparency and accountability are based on stable communication between team members. These two elements go hand in hand with each other, the responsibility is based on each being in charge of their own and being able to complete their goals in a reasonable time. Bill Gates says these two together lead to a high level of productivity.

4. Make decisions with the team

There are always decisions that fall on a leader, but you must also be able to accept when you should make decisions together with your team. In Bill Gates’ experience, it has always been more effective to include as many people as possible, so there are different perspectives on a single problem. This will also make more people willing to share their opinion.

Decision Making With The Team
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5. Examine what’s most important and rotate your team’s functions

Know how to categorize different goals into a range of importance so that the team can prioritize what is urgently needed and still work more efficiently. The more efforts are made within a limit of reduced tasks, with much more efficiency and dedication they will be worked.

6. Stimulates continued growth

It is important to remember that for a team to be successful, we should bet not only on the partner, but on those who extend their hand to us daily. Bill Gates understands that the best way to bet on others is to invest in them, throwing resources of all kinds so that they can develop themselves.



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