15 Amazing Exterior Designs That Exceeded Any Expectations

Urban design is a challenge for professionals and these 15 examples really exceeded all expectations with their originality.

Table of Contents

There are certainly amazing designs for sustainable cities, but you don’t have to be a development buff if you want to enjoy excellent urban construction. These 15 designs turned common places into wonderful meeting and resting points.

1. Best Musical Instrument Store

Great exterior design for business

2. He turned his car into a coffee shop

Unique exterior design in businesses

3. Hippos swimming in the park

Great exterior park design

4. For a nice break

Creative exterior design

5. A Moment of Reading

Creative exterior design

6. You have to go in for a drink

Great exterior design business ideas

7. Simple and Pleasant Sculptures

Great outdoor sculpture designs

8. Someone Lost in Urban Tetris

Great exterior urban design

9. Bookstore attacked by… books?

Creative business exterior design

10. Interactive Designs

Interactive design

11. The whole city needs these hammocks

Great exterior design in public places

12. The Ads Attack Became Real

Great exterior design

13. A Cool Phone Booth

Cool exterior design

14. 3D Pedestrian Strips

Great exterior design

15. Proper School Bus Stop

Great public place design


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