Beautiful styles of mirrors and where to put them according to feng shui

Maybe you’ve heard that having mirrors at home is good, not only to give you a cat’s paw before going out, but because, according to feng shui, they are portals of energy. However, if it is poorly located it can unbalance the ambient Qi.

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For example, broken, worn, or opaque mirrors become emitters of harmful energy, in the same way that, even when in perfect condition, they reflect unfavorable images. Here we tell you how, where and why to have them in your home or office.


1. They are decorative elements

Pretty Round Mirrors

2. Try to keep them clean at all times

Pretty Tall Mirrors

3. And don’t let them cut your image

Full length Mirrors

4. Don’t let it reflect sharp edges, beams, or sharp edges

Table Mirrors

5. Preferably allow them to reflect positive things like plants

Pretty Wall Mirrors

6. They can also reflect a vase with money or a piece of art

Mirrors as piece of art

7. There are mirrors that are also utilitarian and help save space

Mirror with organizer

8. Don’t let it reflect the bathroom door as it doubles the energy leakage

Pretty Bathroom Mirror

9. It should be as low as possible to reflect the whole body

Mirror on sliding door

10. If they cut off the head, they can lead to feelings of low self-esteem

Wall Mirrors clock

11. Remember that mirrors double what they reflect

Wall Mirrors

12. So look for something that’s very positive

Dream catcher Mirror

13. They should never reflect windows, doors, beds, or toilets

Pretty Mirrors

14. Mirrors Symbolize Water

Wall Mirrors design

15. If it’s in your room, avoid it on the back of the bed

Small Mirror

16. Place them in spaces with lots of light

Wall Mirrors Design

17. They Also Possess Numerous Healing Utilities

Pretty Mirrors

18. It is advisable to place several mirrors without facing each other

Small Round Mirrors on wall

19. They should never distort a person’s image

Designed Mirrors

20. They’re very useful in small spaces

Desk Mirror


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