Apple’s new Beats Pill speaker has been registered in a company regulatory database

More Beats Pill Speaker Launch Hints Are Coming: Apple Has Registered It In A European Database

Apple new Beats Pill speaker has been registered in a company regulatory database
This is what Apple’s new Beats Pill speaker could look like

The Beats Pill speaker will be one of the next devices Apple releases. It has already been spotted in the hands of several celebrities and found in the FCC database, suggesting an imminent release. Recently, it has also been registered in Apple’s own regulatory database.

The speaker, which will be launched under the Beats brand, has been registered in an Apple database in Europe. Since it’s on two regulatory bases, there shouldn’t be much time left for its launch. This device was discontinued in 2022, but it seems that the company with the bitten apple wants to give it another chance.

New Beats Pill: A relaunch with few new features

Little is known about this new generation, but we can expect it to launch with a USB-C port, just like the iPhone 15 and other products that have transitioned to this universal port. Improvements in sound quality are also expected, which would be one of the logical novelties when launching a renovation of this type.

On the other hand, one of the novelties that we can confirm is the inclusion of a new strap that would make it easier to transport the wireless speaker. This would be one of the standout features and a difference from the previous generation that Apple stopped selling in 2022.

Additionally, references to the Beats Pill were found in the code of one of the iOS 17 betas, which has let us know that it will arrive in different colors, including red, black, and gold. Another clue that indicates an upcoming release is that the Solo Buds are scheduled to launch next month, so they could launch the speaker on the same day.

In short:

  1. It’s very likely that one of the next products Apple will release will be the Beats Pill speaker.
  2. This speaker has been found in iOS code, in the FCC database, and in a European Apple database.
  3. New features would include a new port, sound quality improvements, a strap, and new colors.
  4. We can expect it to be released during the month of June.


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